Financial Planning and Budgeting

Fiscal 2015 Capital Equipment & Projects Budget Instructions

Note: Academic departments should note any separate instructions issued by Office of the Dean of the Faculty

  1. Each item of equipment or capital project must be requested each year. There are no base budget amounts carried over from year to year. Please use a separate form for each item (or group of items) requested, be sure to rank-order all the requests from your department.  Please note: justifications should typically be one to two short paragraphs.  If additional justification or explanation is required, we will ask you for it.

  2. As always, there will be many more items requested than we have funding to accomplish. While programatic needs remain the most important criteria, the following criteria will also be considered in prioritizing potential budget items:

  • True health and safety matters of faculty, staff, students and others.

  • Safety matters for buildings and equipment.

  • Short-term economic payback, particularly energy and sustainable related items (3-5 years).

  • Building and equipment capital and deferred maintenance items.

  • New faculty start-up funds.

  1. We encourage you to look as far into the future as possible and identify equipment and project wants and needs several years in advance.

  2. Any request made in a prior year that was not approved needs to be resubmitted. List the request again (no additional justification needs to be submitted if you have done that already). Since priorities change, please reprioritize any deferred requests among your total requests.

  3. It is extremely important that you coordinate your request with Purchasing Services, Facilities Services and/or IT to arrive at the best possible cost estimates. Be sure to include accurate installation and transportation costs for equipment.  Also consider and identify any operating costs, current or future, required by this purchase and be sure they are factored into your operating budget requests (e.g. service contracts).  If at the time of project implementation, cost estimates exceed budget (for instance - because installation was not considered) the project will be postponed until funded.

  4. Log-in and complete the Capital Request Form (directions are included) at

  5. Use this form for all computer and non-computer equipment and projects estimated to be greater than $1,000. Do not worry about what is the proper capital account. The Budget Office will take care of the proper categorization of the items. Do use a separate form for each specific item (or group of like items). Follow the instructions on the form.

  6. Save a copy of each form and send a copy to the person responsible for approving your budget.

  7. Please note the additional instructions for IT Equipment and Projects (also on this website)

As a reminder, capital budget requests must be submitted to your Dean or Vice President by 12/2/13 or an alternate date provided by your Dean or Vice President.