Financial Planning and Budgeting

Capital Requests: Definitions & Instructions


Definitions – Capital Requests should be submitted for the following:

Renewals & Replacements – infrastructure projects with a cost in excess of $5k

Minor Equipment – pieces of equipment with a cost (including shipping and installation costs, where applicable) that is greater than $1k but less than $5k - this includes information technology type equipment

Major Equipment – pieces of equipment with a cost (including shipping and installation costs, where applicable) that is $5k or greater

Information Technology – projects and equipment related to Information Technology needs with costs that are $5k or greater


Instructions – please follow these steps to submit your Capital Request:

  1. Submit each capital request separately by clicking on the following link,
  2. Consult with Purchasing Services and Facilities Services to obtain the best possible pricing and cost estimate information to arrive at the most accurate budget projections,
  3. Include shipping costs, installation costs, peripheral equipment (e.g. back-up power supplies, alarms, etc), and maintenance agreement costs when applicable, and
  4. Include justification that can be reviewed and considered for approval by your respective Vice President or Dean,
  5. Capital requests deferred from a prior year need to be re-submitted in order to be re-considered for approval (i.e. no requests are automatically 'carried over').


Additional Instructions and Information Regarding Basic, Individual Office Desktop Computer Replacement:

Normal College practice is to replace all faculty and staff primary computers every four years, and each faculty and staff member receives one desktop or laptop computer as part of the deployment cycle. The replacement schedule and process is managed by the IT User Services department. Therefore, requests for faculty and staff primary desktop and laptop computers do not need to be made thru this capital request process. Only items that fall outside of the normal process require a capital request. Specific questions about this particular type of IT equipment replacement should be directed to Kathy Kinnin, Director of IT User Services.