Financial Planning and Budgeting

Fiscal 2015 Information Technology Systems and Equipment Budget Requests

Budget Requests for Information Technology (IT) systems and equipment will be processed and reviewed differently from Budget Requests for other Capital Equipment and Projects. There are three basic categories of IT Systems and Equipment:

Below are the definitions of these categories and the processes to be followed to request budget items in each category.


Desktop Computers and Shared Printers: This category represents the basic individual office personal computer (Windows and Macintosh) and shared network printers. There are approximately 2,000 devices around campus and are on a replacement schedule with IT. This process is handled outside the Capital Budget process directly between your office and IT. Any questions about these requests should be made to IT.

[Note: Even though handled via a separate process, the funding is provided by the Capital Budget allowance for IT.]


Minor IT Systems, Equipment and Software: This group consists of small computer accessories (items such as desktop scanners, retail software packages, memory devices, digital cameras and other IT items costing <$1,000) and should be budgeted as part of your normal Operating Budget in accounts such as:

All items requested on line 8425 must be specifically identified and justified in your Operating Budget Request (attach separate sheet to the pre-printed Op Budget forms, but no capital request form is required.) Please remember that all information technology budget request items should be discussed with the appropriate representatives of IT as they can help you select the proper equipment at the best cost as well as ensure compatibility and provide information about future support.


Major IT Systems and Equipment: This category is comprised of all other Information Technology items not included in I and II above, items such as specialized equipment or equipment costing $1,000 or more (e.g. specialized printers, scanners, major discipline or activity-specific software, networking requests, A/V requests, servers or storage devices, etc.). These items should be requested on the same Capital Equipment forms as other, non-IT Equipment, one item per request form ("Form-Capital and Information Technology Equipment and Projects Requests"). Also as with other Capital Requests, departments should make photo copies of requests for their records and then send them to their respective Dean or Vice President, along with the appropriate justification and notice that they have been reviewed with IT. Then all items endorsed at that level should be prioritized within each Division and submitted to IT for final prioritization within the IT Capital Allowance.

Due Dates: "Major IT Systems and Equipment Requests" are due to the respective VP or Dean by December 2, 2013.

Any questions on these guidelines should be addressed to Bill Duffy, Chief Technology Officer (Ext. 5913), Kelley Patton-Ostrander (Ext. 5816) or Mike Hall (Ext. 5815).