Emergency Preparedness
Campus Safety

Booting Vehicles

Vehicles with three (3) or more tickets during the academic year are subject to being booted for each subsequent violation.  A boot is a mechanical device that is attached to the wheel assembly of a vehicle and prevents the vehicle from being operated.  A notice will be placed across the driver's door to advise that a boot has been applied.

A boot will not be removed until the operator:

  1. Presents proof that the ticket resulting in the vehicle being booted has been paid.  (See section on Parking Fines Payment)
  2. If the vehicle is not already, register the vehicle with the Department of Campus Safety.  (See section on Vehicle Registration)

Vehicles that have been booted are subject to being towed if the operator does not appear at the Department of Campus Safety in a timely fashion as determined by the Campus Safety Department.  The towing will be at the operator's expense.

SAFETY TIP - Do not attempt to remove the boot.  You will be subject to additional sanctions through the College and will be financially responsible for any damage to the boot.  In addition anyone who causes damage to the boot is subject to arrest and prosecution through the criminal courts.


3+ Violations

Vehicle Eligible to be Booted at YOUR Expense