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Parking Ticket Forgiveness Quiz

Students who receive their first Skidmore College Parking Ticket may be able to have the ticket canceled in exchange for successfully completing a quiz on the Skidmore Parking and Driving On Campus Rules and Regulations, if they do so within 10 business days of the ticket’s issuance. This quiz cannot be used if you were issued a ticket for Fire Lanes, Handicap Zones, Grass Areas, and other tickets issued to protect the safety of the greater community.

In order to have the ticket forgiven, you must receive an 80% or better on the quiz. 

We envision the quiz opportunity as part of our existing appeals process.  Students deemed ineligible for cancellation via successful quiz completion will still have the opportunity to appeal any ticket, as has always been the case.

The information that students who take the quiz will need to know is available on our website, primarily in the Rules & Regulations section on the Campus Safety website.

The quiz can be taken HERE.


Parking Violation Appeal

If you wish to appeal a parking ticket, complete the Parking Ticket Appeal Form below. Decisions are typically emailed within two weeks of submission. If your appeal is accepted, you will be provided information about removal of monetary charges. Appeals will only be granted under extraordinary circumstances. All funds collected from parking tickets are allocated to programs that encourage a safe and responsible campus community.

As a reminder as to the campus parking policies, please review the following:

Parking policies/violations can be found HERE.

Please use this link to make an appeal.