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Chemistry Department

Faculty and Staff Directory

All telephone numbers begin with 518-580-XXXX.
Offices are located in the Dana Science Center unless otherwise noted.
Use the campus map to locate Dana Science Center.
All email addresses are @skidmore.edu

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Office Hours
Spring 2017

Elizabeth Anderson Visiting Asst. Professor x5461 eanderso@ Harder
M 3-4
W 9:30-10:30
Kara Cetto Bales Senior Instructor x5130 kcetto@ 220A T 9:30-11:30, 1:30-3
W 9-10, 1:30-2:30
F 9-11
K. Aurelia Ball Assistant Professor x8191 kball@ 223 M 2:30-3:30
T 11-12
W 3:30-4:30
Kimberley A. Frederick Professor x5132 kfreder1@ 216 MW 3-4:30
Steven T. Frey Associate Professor  x5124 sfrey@ 272A TR 11-12
F 1:30-2:30
Raymond J. Giguere Professor x5125 rgiguere@ 222 MR 3-4
W 2-3:30
F 1:30-2
Judith A. Halstead Professor x5126 halstead@ 221  M 4-5
W 9:30-11:30
Colleen Kelly Admin. Asst.-Purchasing  x8365  ckelly@ 372B   
Beatrice Kendall Senior Instructor x8083 bkendall@ 219  T 1-2
W 10:30-12
William Kennerly Teaching Professor x5131 wkennerl@ Harder
T 2-4
F 12:30-2:30
Jessada Mahatthananchai Visiting Asst. Professor x8193 jmahatth@ 218 MF 9-10
W 1-4:30
Juan Navea  Assistant Professor x8126  jnavea@ 217  sabbatical
Lisa M. Quimby Instrumentation Manager x5129 lquimby@ 258   
Tracy Riley  Administrative Assistant x5120 triley@ 272   
Maryuri Roca Teaching Professor x8124 mroca@ 224A  M 3-4
W 10:30-11:30
Kelly Sheppard Associate Professor
& Chair
x5135 ksheppar@ 274 M 2:30-3:30
W 3:30-4:30
R 2-3
F 9-10
Cynthia Sood Instructor x5342 csood@ 220 MW 10-12
F 10:30-11:30