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After Skidmore
Further Studies

In addition to pursuing a degree in classics, our alumni have continued their studies at a wide range of programs and institutions, earning degrees in history, business, social work, and engineering, among many other disciplines. Here is a sampler of where some of our alumni have continued their education:

Babson College, master's in information technology
Boston University, Ph.D. in archaeology; master's in opera set design; master's in English
Brown University, Ph.D. in mathematics
Columbia University Law School; master's in classics
Cornell University, master's in urban planning
DePaul University Law School
Drexel University, master's in arts administration
Fordham University, master's in Latin
George Mason University, master's in public policy
John F. Kennedy University, master's in museum curatorial studies
Johns Hopkins University, master's in technology for education
London School of Economics, master's in social policy and development
Michigan State University, master's in business administration
Northeastern University, master's in sociology
Northern Arizona University, master's in higher education
Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. in comparative literature
Rutgers University, master's in urban planning
State University of New York at Albany, master's in social work
State University of New York at Buffalo, master's in education
Suffolk University Law School, Tufts University, master's in classics
U.S. Naval Academy, lieutenant-junior grade
University of California at Berkeley, master's in classics; Master's in social work
University of California at Los Angeles, classics post-baccalaureate
University of Chicago, master's in history
University of Exeter, master's in theatre
University of Iowa Medical School
University of Kansas, master's in classics
University of Maine Law School
University of Pennyslvania, classics post-baccalaureate; history post-baccalaureate; master's in archaeology
University of Southern California, Ph.D. in classics
University of Washington, master's in public policy; computer science and engineering; master's in international development
University of Wisconsin at Madison, Ph.D. in English