Pompeiian wall painting, 1st c. AD
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CL110 Elementary Latin
MW 10.10-11.05 TuTh 9.40-11.00

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: TuW 11.00
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Classics Department
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On-line exercises: Focus Publishing offers a variety of drills, exercises and other materials to support your study of Latin via Shelmerdine's textbook. First, the website offers, chapter-by-chapter, grammatical exercises of many types: English-Latin and Latin-English vocabulary flashcards, verb drills (principal parts and verb-ending exercises), translation exercises and crossword puzzles. In addition, Focus provides a .pdf file listing all of the vocabulary in the text; a set of audio files to help you gain confidence in your pronunciation of Latin; and a collection of dictionary and reading resources that help you with the exercises and passages in Shelmerdine's text, all organized by chapter. Use these materials as a regular part of your study - they will strengthen your understanding of Latin and help you test yourself as you become better versed in the language.

Additional resources

Dictionaries: Dictionaries are wonderful tools - they provide quick and ready access to the meaning of words, and often reveal much more about word roots and the relationships between words. Use these two on-line dictionaries - the one at Perseus, which is comprehensive, and the one at Hong Kong, which is more limited but easier to use - to supplement the word lists in Shelmerdine's text.

Cultural materials: The language you are learning was a living, spoken language, used as the primary means of communication by millions of people for over 2000 years (from Rome's founding in 753 BCE until the fall of Rome in 476 CE, and from the fall of Rome until the Renaissance in the 15th century). As you develop your Latin skills we will explore various aspects of Roman society - geographical & environmental, as well as both public and private - so that you learn the language within its cultural context. Approximately every three weeks we will cover one of four broad topics: historical sketches, public life, private life, and entertainment.

Oxford Reference Online: an invaluable, searchable, encyclopedic database on the ancient world (click on "Classics")
Maps: cultures are intimately connected to their geographic environment, so explore these maps and those in the Penguin Atlas for a grasp of Roman geography and topography.
Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Project (from the Ancient World Mapping Center at UNC, a scholarly repository for ancient maps)
Roma Urbs Imperatorum Aetate (authoritative, based on literary and archaeological studies)
Digital Roman Forum (models, QT movies, photographs and related ancient texts depicting the Forum from the Republic to the Empire)
  Rome Reborn (digital reconstruction of Rome - portions only on-line)
Interactive maps of Italy and the Mediterranean (excellent modules under "European History")
  Maps of the Roman World (good high school interactive map)
Maps of the Roman Empire (unauthoritative, but good for imperial expansion)
Social and Cultural Studies (by Prof. (Emerita) Barbara McManus, College of New Rochelle)
Historical sketches  
  1. Roman Slavery and the Rebellion of Spartacus
  2. The Career and Character of Julius Caesar
  3. Antony, Octavian, and Cleopatra: the end of the Roman Republic
  4. Augustus and Tiberius: the beginnings of the Roman Empire
Public life  
  1. Roman Government
  2. Notes on Roman Politics
  3. The Roman Army I: legions, camps, standards, officers, troops in Rome; The Roman Army II: legionary armor, auxiliary troops, army activities and pay, punishments and rewards
  4. Social Class and Public Display
Private life  
  1. Roman Names
2. Roman Clothing I: clothing and status, production and cleaning, undergarments, footwear, men's clothing; Roman Clothing II: women's clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry
  3. The Roman House
  4. Roman religion
  1. Leisure and Entertainment: Theater
  2. Roman Baths and Bathing
  3. Chariot Racing
  4. Gladiatorial Games