Reading Rome : Site map
The CC 265 front page, with its stunning view of St. Peter's Basilica.

An overview of the course:

Introduction:  The big picture.
Objectives:  What students will gain from the course.
Instructors:  Office hours and contact information.
Textbook:  Book to purchase.
Requirements:  Assignments, exams, and other bases for grading.


Units and dates:

Units:  Overview of topics.
Dates to remember:  Deadlines, holidays and exams.


Details on the ongoing "adopt-a-site" project:

Introduction to the project.
Objectives:  What the project is intended to do.
Guidelines:  Policies and procedures to follow.
Schedule:  What will happen when.


Guidelines and assignment for travel writing:

Introduction to the assignment.
Objectives:  Goals of the assignment.
Guidelines:  Procedures to follow.

Il Blog.

Assigments and official notices.


Resources for the study of Rome:

Presentations:  Assorted PowerPoints.
Handouts:  Materials to study and discuss.
Readings:  Primary and secondary sources.
Quizzes:  Links to online study aids.
Websites:  Other sites devoted to ancient and modern Rome.

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