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Classics Department
England: Bath Abbey Rome: Laocoon Delphi: Apollo
Bath, England: Bath Abbey Rome, Italy: Laocoon Delphi, Greece: Apollo


Summer Opportunities in Classics

SEE-Beyond Awards

All students interested in summer experiences should apply for the See Beyond Award, a $4,000 stipend for a significant summer experience of six to ten weeks, to help fund your summer experience.

Summer Experiences

Please check the sites of each one for updated program information, dates and deadlines. Note that links may change over time, so if the direct links don't work, try searching for these or similar programs using the titles, or keywords.

Greek and Latin

City University of New York Latin/Greek Summer Institute

Living Latin in Rome: The Paideia Institute Living Latin program

Living Greek in Greece: The Paedeia Institute Living Greek program

Archaeological Field Work

Kenchreai Excavations: Archaeology, History and Culture in Greece

Azoria Project Field School in Classical Archaeology

D.E.P.A.S. of Mycenae: The Lower Town

Excavations of Roman provincial Dacia (modern Romania)

American Academy in Rome Summer Program in Archaeology

Excavating in the Aegean: The Case of Despotiko

Excavations of the baths at Roman Carsulae

Other Excavation Opportunities

Travel-Study Programs

American School of Classical Studies Summer Programs

American Academy in Rome Classical Summer School

San Gemini Preservation Studies Programs

Skidmore and Associated Institutional Programs

Advanced Studies in England in Bath: Roman Britain


Internship opportunities through Skidmore

Internship at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies