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What They Said
Excerpts from Commencement speeches


W. Scott McGraw, P'12
Skidmore Board of Trustees Chair

Philip A. Glotzbach
Skidmore President


Wes Moore
Honorary Degree Recipient

Ann Rubenstein Tisch
Honorary Degree Recipient



Oprah Winfrey
Honorary Degree Recipient


Madison Plummer '17 
President of the Senior Class

We have a tendency to define our success by the accomplishments we’ve made. We think that this gives us something tangible to rank ourselves – but Skidmore has shown us that there is much more than the awards, titles, and certificates. 

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Matthew Lueckheide '17
Abude Al-Asaad
Senior Gift Co-Chairs

After the last four years, I think you’ve all seen around campus, the impact of the generosity of Skidmore’s donors and alumni. For example, The Arthur Zankel Music Center, or The Tang Teaching Museum, would not have been possible without the help of Skidmore’s donors, just as the fundraising for the upcoming Center for Integrated Sciences has needed those same generous contributions.

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Mark Youndt
Faculty Speaker

Over the past 4 years your actions have impacted this place and its people.  As you leave here and engage in various civic and professional activities, start families (yes, most of you will), travel the world, etc., I would submit that your future actions and behaviors will cast much broader silhouettes and have even greater impacts on many more people and this wonderful earth.

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Sibyl Waterman Haley '71
President of the Alumni Association

Slow down. Look back. Come back. Come find us. Get involved. Give back. The Skidmore Alumni Association is here for you now, and for the rest of your lives.

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