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What is Skidmore? This podcast may have the answer.

With its relatively small size and student-faculty ratio, Skidmore is a close-knit academic community. Listen to the stories of Skidmore students, faculty, staff, and alumni and discover why Creative Thought Matters at Skidmore. Thanks to Emma Giles '16 for our logo, and Renato Dornelas '18 and Ian Bakerman '15 for our music.

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October 9, 2017

Paul Lundberg, Assistant Director of Construction Services, Tracey Wingate ‘19, and Levi Rogers, Director of Sustainability and Assessment join the podcast to discuss the sustainabiity efforts at Skidmore - big and small - including renewable energy sources, a shared bike program, and community garden. We also discuss Skidmore’s recent silver rating in its first AASHE STAR assessment.

September 13, 2017

For Sanju Mohan ‘19, Fortouma Sissoko ‘18, and David Stephenson ‘18, living on campus is more than just a place to sleep. For these three Resident Assistants, it’s an opportunity to build community and help new students adjust to life at Skidmore.

August 16, 2017

When assistant professor Bernardo Rios saw artist Corita Kent’s work on a table in the Tang Teaching Museum, he was instantly drawn to it. He learned that Kent used her work to address social justice issues, which was a topic close to Rios’ interests. When the opportunity to research Kent and the connection between her work and Chicano communities, Rios immediately thought of Lisa Moran ‘17 to assist in the summer project. Moran and Rios describe their findings and explain where the project will go now that the summer is over.

July 26, 2017

Adam Simon ‘19 was approached by professor Adam Tinkle to work on a new and unique collaborative research project in the summer of 2017. They had collaborated on audio projects through Skidmore’s Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative (MDOCS) during the school year, and spent the summer developing Upstate Youth Radio, a project to involve children in radio production. Simon and Tinkle discuss the goals of the project, what they’ve learned, and even provide a few best of clips!

May 23, 2017

When he was first a guest on This is Skidmore, political science professor Chris Mann discussed the then-upcoming presidential election and hinted about his students’ unique research that was to be performed during the semester. Now, on season two’s final episode of This is Skidmore, Mann was joined by Brent Azaert ‘12, Brian Roberge ‘18, and Antigone Scaperdas ‘19 to share their findings.

May 11, 2017

Six months after the commencement celebration, Megan Jackson and her colleagues in the Career Development Center connect with the new alumni to determine the answer to the common question, “what are you doing after graduation?” The answers range from volunteering, starting a business, and even taking time to travel the world. This information is compiled into a First Destinations Report. Jackson explains why and how the report is compiled, what data is included, and what it all means for Skidmore students as they determine their post-graduation course.

April 27, 2017

Aldin Medunjanin ‘17 and Kelly Donnelly ‘18 were both named to the 2016-2017 All-American team. They discuss what it’s like to be a student athlete at Skidmore, how they felt when they recieved the honor of All-American, and their plans after graduating from Skidmore College.

April 12, 2017

Hadley Haselmann ‘17 and Gabrielle Pagnozzi-Schwam ‘18 are members of Skidmore Women in Business, an organization founded in 2013 by six students. Since its founding, Women in Business has grown to over 50 members and has hosted two conferences on campus, welcoming extraordinary women and Skidmore alumnae to share their experiences. 

March 29, 2017

With extensive experience as a curator, scholar, and writer in innovative contemporary art exhibitions and programming, Isolde Brielmaier works as the Curator-at-Large at the Tang Teaching Museum, amongst other important roles. She helps to develop new approaches for curating, commissioning, developing, and presenting the work of interdisciplinary artists and other cultural producers across platforms. On This is Skidmore, she discusses a new discussion series, The Accelerator Series, which premiered with a discussion about “whiteness.”

March 15, 2017

To celebrate Women’s History Month, and recorded on International Women’s Day, assistant professor of American Studies Beck Krefting and Louise Sullivan ‘18 discuss Krefting’s Disorderly Women course. In the course, Sullivan and her classmates focused on some of the women who have been characterized by the larger society as unruly, disruptive, radical, militant, unfeminine-just generally “disorderly.” They had the opportunity to learn and practice grant writing, watching their actions evolve into something much greater.