Office of Communications

The College Seal

The Skidmore College seal is the official academic logotype of the College. Where the wordmark is used for general institutional identification, the College seal is reserved for specific uses, generally those of an academic nature. These uses include the Skidmore College Catalog and materials related to Opening Convocation, Honors Convocation, Commencement, endowed lectures, and the Alumni Recognition Ceremony.

The Skidmore College seal is designed to be used "as is"; the proportions should never be altered. The seal can be reduced or enlarged as long as the proportions remain the same. Because use of the seal is restricted, it is not available on the Web site for downloading.

Copies of the seal are available in camera-ready and digital formats from the Office of College Relations. Contact the director of College Relations at 518-580-5733.

Official Skidmore colors for seal

Skidmore Gold Metallic PMS 871 requires coated stock and special attention for best result

Skidmore green
PMS 3298
Skidmore yellow
PMS 109
Skidmore gold
PMS 871 metallic


Use the seal in either black, Pantone Matching System (PMS) 3298 (green), or PMS 871 gold metallic. The seal may also be foil-stamped in gold or be embossed.

black sealgreen sealgold seal


Use the seal screened to lighter shades of
black or PMS 3298 (green).

gray seallight green seal


Screen the seal in PMS 871 metallic.

light metallic seal


Use the seal in reverse in either white, PMS 109 (yellow), or a screen of PMS 109 on a black or green background. Metallic gold (PMS 871) can be used in place of PMS 109 for special occasions. PMS 871 should be used only at 100% strength (not screened).   
 reversed seal on black  reversed seal on green
 reversed seal gold on black  reversed seal, light on black
 reversed seal, yellow on green  reversed seal, light yellow on green
 reversed seal, gold on green  reversed seal, gold on black