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Skidmore Departments, Programs, and Lectures


Department Name In OU? Department
Web Team
Notes (widgets, etc.)
About Skidmore yes Communications Jenn testimonials, custom portfolio rotation widget, right column
Academic Advising in review by department Corey Freeman-Gallant Idalia contact
Academic Affairs yes Debra Peterson Idalia  together w. DOF
Academic Services yes Terri Kindl    facebook
Admissions yes Peter McDonald
Daniella Nordin
Jenn news, announcements, calendar, SS2S, Skidmore Mind
Advancement yes    Jenn only refers to /advancement/
Alumni Affairs & College Events yes Mary Monigan
Mike Sposili
Megan Mercier
Jenn news, right column, CTW, calendar from Skidmore Connect, various custom applications, people, etc.
  includes Alumni Classes, Green and Yellow, and some other pages which are being moved to iModules and not OU
     Alumni Association transferred, not yet reviewed    Jenn  
     Alumni Garden yes     Jenn  
     Alumni Travel yes    Jenn  
     SBN transferred, not yet reviewed     Jenn  
     Regional Events      Jenn/Jon  events pulled from Skidmore Connect
     Alumni Volunteer  yes    Jenn  
     Senior Gift yes    Jenn  
American Studies transferred, with Idalia for dept review Susan Matrazzo Idalia contact
Annual Fund yes Kelly Mead Jenn news, right column links, rotating images
Around Skidmore yes Communications Jenn embedded YouTube video
Art (Studio) yes Jill Jones Idalia contact, news, calendar, html redirect
Art History yes Kate Hauser Idalia contact, calendar, rotating flash
Arts Portal   Arts Committee Jenn custom size rotating banner, right column, drop down links list, news, calendar
Assessment yes Lisa Christianson Jenn ---
Biology  transferred, in review by department Patricia Hilleren Idalia rotating images, html redirect
Black Faculty and Staff Group in progress, Idalia Tim Harper Idalia (not currently being maintained)
Bias Response  yes Mary Davis Jenn ---
Blogs  done, fwd to /social/ Web team Liz, Jenn, Idalia ---
Bookstore   --- --- ---
Budget   yes Kim Bombard Jenn ---
Business Services   yes Kim Bombard Jenn rotating flash header
Bursar's Office transferred, not launched because IT/programmer needs to rewrite forms Patti Heritage Jenn contact
Campaign Waiting entirely on Advancement's campaign decisions Advancement Jenn custom template, custom image slider, custom code progress meter
Campus Environmental Committee (CEC)   Environmental Studies/Sustainability Jenn ---
Campus Life
Community Service
Leadership Activities
 yes  Mary Ann Toia
Robin Adams
Michelle Hubbs
David Karp
Mary Davis
Mariel Martin
Jenn news, people, rotating images (on various sub sites)
Campus Plan  yes  Karen Ernst
(President's Office)
Jenn ---
Campus RJ  yes  David Karp
Mary Ann Toia
(see Campus Life)
Jenn contact
Campus Safety  yes  Lori Parks Jenn rotating flash header, news, NTAS custom script, facebook, twitter
Campus Voice
  Advancement/President Jenn custom template, custom graphics
Card Office  transferred, not launched because IT/programmer needs to rewrite forms Patti Heritage Jenn ---
Career Services  yes Megan Jackson Jenn right column, announcements, blog, events, contact, custom template, rotating banner
Catalog   Communications/Curriculum Committee/Registrar Jenn custom software -
Celebration 5K Run-Walk yes   Gove Effinger Jenn ---
Celebration Weekend yes   Alumni/Advancement
Janis Petroski
Jenn ---
(part of IPPC)
      HTML - need occasional help with maintenance
Center for Sex and Gender Relations Transferred, in review by Jenn Health Services Jenn ---
Challenge website  yes  Advancement/Annual Fund Jenn various - this site is re-used semi-yearly for various fund-raising challenge programs
Chaplain's Office
(Religious Life)
yes    Rick Chrismas
(see campus life)
Jenn ---
Chemistry  in review by department Kara Cetto Bales Idalia contact, rotating flash, calendar, html redirect
(part of IPPC)
  Michael Ennis-McMillan   calendar
Classics   -- needs to be done by a staff member, very tricky Ruby Grande Idalia contact, social media: FB
(not currently used)
  various student clubs Jenn ---
CMS Help  created new OU help site web team Jenn, Idalia, Jon various custom page indexes
Commencement  yes Alumni/Advancement
Janis Petroski
Jenn portfolio display
Communications  yes Communications Jenn rotating banner, contact
Community Relations  yes Bob Kimmerle Jenn news, rotating banner, right column, contact, photo galleries
Computer Science in review/polish by Jenn   Idalia  
Counseling Center  yes Lilly Routledge Jenn ---
Creative Thought Matters
yes Communications Jenn moved into a folder in /about/
Creative Thought at Work
  Communications Jenn/Jon custom template, custom rotating images, custom back end for displaying profiles, custom plugin for displaying profiles on various sites
Curriculum Committee  yes   Jenn ---
Dance  no -- Hallway only
on their own
Debra Fernandez/Lori Dawson Idalia contact, html redirect
DOF - Dean of Faculty yes Shannon Phillips
Theresa Wagner
Sue Blair
Idalia contact
Dean of Student Affairs  yes Mary Davis Jenn contact
Dining Services  yes Kim Bombard Jenn rotating flash header, announcements
Discovery Weekend  yes Peter McDonald Jenn rotating images, registration form, results page
Donor Relations  Transferred, in review by department Beth Brucker-Kane Jenn giving template
Economics  in progress 9/30 Amelia Clarke Idalia contact, rotating images, announcements
Economic Impact  yes Bob Kimmerle Jenn rotating images
Education Studies yes Peggy Daly/Sue Lehr Idalia contact
Employee Handbook yes      
English in progress 9/30 Mary Wright/Mason Stokes Idalia contact, rotating images, announcements, calendar, book widget, social media: FB
Environmental Action Club (EAC)   Alex Chaucer Jenn ---
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)   Loretta Greenholtz Jenn/Jon rotating images, bloodborn pathogen training, training quizzes and results
Facilities transferred, in review by JC   Jenn none
Faculty Development Portfolio        
Faculty Network yes  Erica Bastress-Dukehart Jenn  
Financial Services
(includes audcom, budcom, invcom)
 Main Financial Services done, not subsites   Jenn  
Foreign Languages & Literatures transferred, not yet reviewed Patty Ivory/Mary-Beth O'Brien Idalia contact, rotating flash, calendar, book widget, social media: dept blog
Foundation and Corporate Relations  yes   Jenn none
Friends of the Presidents
  yes   Jenn  
Friends of Skidmore Athletics
yes   Jenn  
Friends of the Tang (FOT)

begun 10/3

FYE  yes  Marla Melito Idalia calendar, right column, rotating images, contact
Geosciences begun 10/3 Sarah Stelmack Idalia contact, rotating images, announcements, social media: FB and dept blog
Gift Planning   --- --- ---
Giving to Skidmore  yes     Jenn pulls calendar from iModules
Global Skidmore Portal   OCSE Jenn

 replaced by Diversity site?

Governance (Faculty)        
Government yes Barbara McDonough Idalia contact, rotating images, calendar, "buttons", book widget, flipbook: newsletter
Greenberg Child Care   yes   Jenn rotating banner
Hall of Fame yes  Alumni/Athletics Jenn  
Health and Exercise Sciences  yes Debra Nichols Idalia contact, rotating images, social media: FB
Health Promotions  yes Jen McDonald Jenn none
Health Services   yes Deb Madden Jenn none
History CANNOT BE DONE UNTIL APP IS DONE Susan Matrazzo Idalia contact
Honors Convocation  begun 10/3      
Human Resources  Transferred, in review by Jenn   Jenn A-Z index, Thoroughbred Thanks, announcements, rotating banner
Information Resources Council (IRC)  not being done - committee no longer exists   Jenn  
Institutional Research yes   Jenn  
Intercultural Center  yes (see campus life) Jenn  
IT   various Jenn unique template, blogs, twitter, newsletter, system status custom app
Junior Admissions Workshop (JAWS)   yes   Jenn  
JAWS UCLA   yes      
Management & Business  yes  Tim Harper Idalia contact, rotating flash
Master of Liberal Arts   yes   Idalia testimonials, meet our students, social media: YouTube
Math & Computer Science In review by Jenn Kim Newsom Idalia contact, rotating flash, "button"
Media Services   (see IT) Jenn  
Multicultural Student Affairs   (see campus life) Jenn  
Music  yes Gordon Thompson Idalia contact, rotating flash, "button", social media: YouTube, FB, and Twitter
National Girls and Women in Sports Day     Liz, Jenn  
Northwoods   yes
moved into sustainability
Sustainability Jenn  
OCSE yes Selina Dean Jenn custom Find a Program application, rotating flash header, announcements, contact, calendar, a-z index
ODSP yes Pam Perez Idalia new design, contact, rotating flash, "button", calendar, announcements, testimonials
Office Services     Jenn custom Print Request form
Opportunity Program (HEOP)   yes Jamin Totino Jenn  
Orientation   yes FYE/Student Life    
Palamountain Benefit yes Mary Solomons Jenn  
Parent 2 Parent   yes Admissions Jenn  
Parents Fund/Council    yes Ann Dejnozka Jenn  
Philosophy & Religion  Begun 10/28 Ruby Grande Idalia contact
   Philosophy   Begun 10/28      
   Religion   Begun 10/28      
Photo Contest   yes Web Team Liz/Jenn  
Physics yes Mary Odekon Idalia contact
Post Office  yes Kim Bombard Jenn rotating banner
President's Advisory Council   Alumni/President Jenn  
President's Office yes  Karen Ernst Jenn  
Psychology  yes Carol Lloyd/Denise Evert Idalia contact, rotating flash
Purchasing  yes Carol Schnitzer Jenn none
Regional Events    See Alumni Jenn  
Registrar   Tammi Blair Jenn rotating banner, unique template, contact
Res Life  yes Joe Murphy Jenn rotating banner, contact
Retirees   yes in review by comm      
Reunion  yes Alumni/Advancement Jenn  
Safety at Skidmore  yes Portal page Jenn  
Safety Committee  yes   Jenn  
Saratoga Classic  yes      
Schick Art Gallery yes  Rebecca Shepard Idalia contact, rotating flash, calendar
Scribner Library   --- ---  
Science Portal   transferred, not yet reviewed   Jenn  
Senior Gift yes   Jenn  
Sexual Assault Response Task Force  yes      
SGA yes      
Skidmore Cares  yes Bob Kimmerle Jenn  
Skidmore Employees Federal Credit Union   --- --- ---
Skidmore History  yes Communications Jenn  
Skidmore Centennial yes      
Social Networking  yes Daniella Nordin Jenn  
Sociology yes  Rik Scarce Idalia contact, social media: FB
Sponsored Research  yes      
Strategic Plan  yes President Jenn  
Student Aid/Family Finance yes  Kim Andrew Jenn none
Student Employment Office   ---- Jenn ---
Student Handbook yes   Jenn  
Surrey Williamson Inn yes    Jenn  
Sustainability yes   Jenn  
Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery   --- ---  
Theater no -- HALLWAY ONLY Lary Opitz Idalia contact, html redirect
Town Hall   Alumni/Advancement Jenn  
Travel yes  Carol Schnitzer Jenn ---
Trustees yes      
Video Contest yes Web Team Liz, Jenn  
Vote yes Communications Jenn  
Web Team yes Web Team Liz, Jenn, Idalia  
Writing Center yes      
Your Vocie, Our Future     Jenn  
Zankel Music Center yes  Shelly Curran Idalia contact, rotating flash, calendar, news, "button", social media: FB and Twitter


Program Name In OU? Department
Web Team
Widget List
Arts Administration yes  David Howson Idalia contact, rotating flash
Anthropology yes  Michael Ennis-McMillan Idalia contact, calendar, announcement
Asian Studies yes  Gautam Dasgupta Idalia contact, rotating flash
Catalog   Curriculum Committee Jenn in acalog, custom apps on all hallway pages need updating each year
Environmental Studies transferred, needs some polishing before review Kim Marsella Idalia contact, rotating flash, calendar, "button", social media: FB, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube
First-Year Experience yes Marla Melito Idalia contact, rotating flash, announcement, calendar, "button", social media: FB
Gender Studies yes Leslie Mechem Idalia contact, calendar
GIS yes   Idalia  
Honors Forum yes Catherine Golden Idalia contact, rotating flash, announcement, calendar, social media: FB
IGR yes Kristie Ford Idalia contact, rotating flash, testimonials
Intercultural Studies yes Tim Harper Idalia n/a
International Affairs Transferred, need to be reviewed and launched Elzbieta Lepkowska-White Idalia contact
Latin American Studies yes Maria Lander Idalia contact, rotating flash, calendar
Neuroscience yes Hassan Lopez Idalia contact, rotating flash
Salmagundi no Marc Woodworth Idalia contact, announcement, social media: FB, dept blog and YouTube
Self-Determined Majors  Transferred, need to be reviewed and launched      
Social Work yes Crystal W Idalia contact

Writing in the Majors

 Transferred, need to be reviewed and launched      

Lectures - do not currently have individual websites

Lecture Name In CMS?
Jon Ramsey  NO
Harder  NO