Community Relations
Collaborative faculty-student summer research

Application of Knowledge

Business majors working with local businesses to gain experience
Saratoga-Skidmore Consulting
(SSCP) is designed to
enable Skidmore's business majors to
work with local businesses. Each
participating local business is paired
witha Skidmore business major eager
to apply his or her up-to-date education
and training. This may be particularly
helpful to business owners who lack the
time, training, or inclination to engage in
the detailed planning required to help
their businesses achieve long-term

To learn more visit the SSCP Web site.


Internships are a great way to start a career
The Career Development Center (CDC) is always looking for ways to
connect employers with Skidmore students and alumni for employment
and internship opportunities.  We offer on-campus recruiting including
information sessions, information tables, online batched resume collections,
tools for listing your posting, and on-campus or remote interviewing. 
We are able to quickly and efficiently market your internship and job
openings to a large pool of very talented and resourceful students and
alumni, majoring in a wide range of fields.  Interested in creating an
internship program or posting a position?

Visit the Career Development Center Web site for more information.


Water Resources Initiative is a resource for local water research
The Water Resources Initiative (WRI) at Skidmore brings together
students, faculty, and community partners in the investigation of local
water issues. Through courses and research, WRI helps the community
better understand the multiple perspectives that influence how we interact
with our water resources on both a local and global scale. The data collected
through WRI research makes valuable contributions to the academic
literature on water issues and to local community discussions. The program is
administered by Skidmore's interdepartmental Environmental Studies Program.

Visit the WRI Web site for more information.