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Assessment and Learning Rubrics for Civic Engagement

Below are some national resources that identify criteria for student learning:

A Liberal Education Scorecard (Wick and Phillips 2008)
Civic Engagement VALUE Rubric (AAC&U)
Student Civic Learning Outcomes (Tufts University)
Student Learning Outcomes (University of Maryland)

Evidence of Service-Learning Effectiveness
There is compelling evidence that service learning increases student engagement and civic-mindedness. Below are links to articles on effectiveness.

Astin, Alexander W. et al. 2000. How Service Learning Affects Students UCLA: Higher Education Research Institute.
Eyler, Janet S. and Dwight E. Giles. 1999. Where's the Learning in Service-Learning? San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Skidmore College received a grant from the AAC&U Bringing Theory to Practice Project to support service learning in the First Year Experience. Empirical findings from the Assessment Report show consistent support for the pedagogical benefits of service learning for first year students. The two charts below report differences in self-reported learning outcomes between service-learning and nonservice-learning seminars in Fall 2008:


Picture 1