Jasmyn Story
Jasmyn Story
Current Job:
Restorative Justice Coordinator at SEEDS Community Resolution Center
Current City:
Concord, Calif.
Oxfam Italia , Robert Kennedy Human Rights Center, European Office
High School:
Woodward Academy , College Park, Ga.
Post Graduation:
University College London, MA in human rights , Dir. Restorative programming, JAGS Foundation, Founder, Coalition for the Rights & Dignity of Colored People
Dean's List Fall 2011, Treuhaft Fund for Art Technology 2015

Quick Pitch

My senior year of college, I learned the most valuable lesson of my life. I learned that only I can accurately gauge my potential. If you want to follow my path, if you want to share your creative energy for the betterment of many, you must never underestimate what you can accomplish. To truly be an agent of change, you must trust your heart and your vision. As a restorative justice coordinator and the executive director of a nonprofit, I have learned that when you truly trust your creative vision, you will almost certainly surprise yourself every time. You are the energy, the drive, the force you've been seeking. Trust yourself.


I have been dedicated human rights activist with 6+ years of experience working in the volunteer sector. Formally the director of Restorative Justice Programming at the JAGS Foundation in London, I am now working as restorative justice facilitator at an alternative high school in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Last year, I completed an MA in human rights at University College of London. I received my BA in anthropology from Skidmore. Currently, my main focus is on community mobilization and the integration of restorative practices into learning institutions. I am the founder and executive director of the CDRCP, or The People's Coalition, a 501(c)3 that aims to use technology to increase the social capital of historically and economically marginalized Americans. This nonprofit is the brainchild of a few Skidmore alums who are dedicated to addressing the impact of structural violence within and outside of our communities.