Max Poppel
Max Poppel
Management and Business
Current Job:
Co-founder at The Crash Pad and Flying Squirrel
Current City:
Chattanooga, Tenn.
High School:
Concord Carlisle High School, Concord, Mass.
Post Graduation:
Corporate life insurance and retirement plans
Activities while at Skidmore:
Outdoor club sponsoring a winter break climbing trip to Hueco Tanks, Martial Arts Club

Quick Pitch

Tap into your own network. Skidmore's Career Services is in the business of placing students in jobs after graduation, but their advice to me at graduation was my best path for finding a job: to tap into my connections from outside of Skidmore.

While the network you acquire at Skidmore is still worth cultivating (I met my eventual business partner, Dan Rose, here), don't forget to look outside of that circle (what got me to Chattanooga was a connection I'd made through my mother's work).


Moved to Chattanooga for a job in life insurance and corporate retirement plans that supported my climbing and sushi habits. After a few years it became obvious that this place needed a community hub and basecamp for climbers coming to town. That idea expanded to attracting all outdoor enthusiasts and eventually went from a campground idea to a hostel downtown. Our idea of creating a bar/restaurant was the result of wanting to serve liquor to our guests at the end of a day of climbing. We didn't have the seating or kitchen capacity to get a liquor license, so Flying Squirrel grew to be its own beast. 

Max is married to his beautiful wife, Katie, and they have two children, Hattie and Parker.