Hans Kunisch
Hans Kunisch
Management and Business (Sociology)
Current Job:
Principal at Savory Ventures
Current City:
San Francisco, CA
High School:
Kingswood Oxford, West Hartford, CT
Post Graduation:
MBA, University of San Francisco , Co-Founder and Managing Director, MidWest Specialty, SF, CA, Co-Founder and Co-Director, FoodLuxe, Chicago, IL

Quick Pitch

I was lucky, I knew exactly what industry and area I wanted to work in after graduation: Food. For me this was easy as food has always been my passion and at the front of everything I do. All the steps I have taken to get me where I am today have been focused on being in and around food.

If you are able to identify what you feel passionate about, you will find the same ease in decision-making. Whether you are looking at a job, a business opportunity, a place to live, or who to surround yourself with, keep that passion central to your decision-making and things will fall in to place. And read the book "Grit" by Angela Duckworth.


While my jobs, roles, and positions have certainly evolved (see below), my passion for and about food has not. This has always remained my core, my anchor. It is central to everything I do: where we go for vacation, what we do on weekends, where we live, where I work, and whom I surround myself with.

I feel that this passion, combined with the education I received at Skidmore, has helped me succeed in life and contribute to my field. I am not speaking of any particular skill I learned in a specific class, but rather my curiosity across a broad range of subjects that drives creative thought. This is the value of a Skidmore degree. It pushes curiosity and creativity, it pushes critical thinking. As my industry evolves, different viewpoints, ideas, and skills are required. It is the curiosity and critical thinking I learned at Skidmore that allows me to thrive and advance both in my career and in my life.

MidWest Specialty, Chicago, IL, Co-Founder and Managing Director (2014-2015)

FoodLuxe San Francisco, CA, Co-Founder and Co-Director (2013-2015)

GreenLeaf Distribution, San Francisco, CA, Retail Sales Manager (2011-2012)

Tony's Fine Foods, Sacramento, CA, Director of Specialty Foods (2007-2011)

Domestic Cheese Company, Director of Sales and Marketing, San Francisco, CA (2004-2007)