Connor Dowling
Connor Dowling
Management and Business
Current Job:
Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine, Dean's Entrepreneurship Lab
Current City:
New York, NY
Intern, Merril Lynch, Summer Credit Analyst TD Bank, Summer Intern, US Chamber of Commerce
Post Graduation:
Analyst, Capital Market, US Chamber of Commerce, Product Management & Operations, Traansmission, Associate

Quick Pitch

If you are interested in a career in entrepreneurship, you must be extremely comfortable with ambiguity, have a mindset that "no task is too small," and know that you will have to push day in and day out to build your business.


My background includes time at the United States Chamber of Commerce in the Capital Markets Division, helping start a logistics technology company called Traansmission, founding a nonprofit for brain cancer research, and most recently working in a new division at Weill Cornell Medicine focused on entrepreneurship in the medical field.

I spent about three years working at the Chamber and found myself attending startup and technology events pretty much every night after work. I took a step back and analyzed my career path and where I wanted to end up. I eventually moved to New York to join and help start a logistics technology company that had won a number of awards.

I have been able to combine my experiences with finance and operations, product and program management, innovative technology, and founding a nonprofit in the medical field to be the first hire with Weill Cornell Medicine in this new, innovative division. The Entrepreneurship Lab empowers scientists and clinicians at Weill Cornell Medicine to create ventures in the life sciences. One of our flagship programs, the Bench to Bedside Initiative, is a 12-week program designed for participants to form teams and build business plans around patented technologies invented at Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University.