Anh Vu Nguyen
Anh Vu Nguyen
Computer Science (Mathematics)
Current Job:
Software Engineer at Google Inc.
Current City:
San Francisco, Calif.
Microsoft Corp., Vizalytics
High School:
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Singapore
Post Graduation:
Full-time job, Maybe grad school (tbd)
Activities while at Skidmore:
213 Dance Club
Summa cum laude, Robert and Marcia DeSieno Prize for Excellence in Mathematics and Computer Science, Phi Beta Kappa

Quick Pitch

There are a few things that I would highly recommend students doing while they are still in school if they want to be exposed to the Software Engineering world:

1) Start having an internship as soon as possible: it doesn't matter if it's unpaid for the first few internships. The whole point is to identify early whether this line of work suits you. Also by doing a few internships, you'll start identify the type of environment that works best for you (small startup or big corporation).

2) Go to hackathon: Admittedly, I couldn't do this as much as I wanted while I was still at Skidmore. It's easy to overlook this given all the coursework and clubs that one would want to join. However, technologies change all the time. Hackathon can be singlehandedly the best thing that could help you get exposed to a new type of technology. Highly recommend to try it at least twice.

3) Do a side project: Find something that you think can be automated, and try that process. You'll be able to showcase your talent plus passion!


Since graduating from Skidmore in May '17, I've moved to San Francisco and has been commuting to work every day in Moutain View. I'm still at the early stage of my work career (~two months in), so there's not much but learning new things every day. I've been extremely overwhelmed since I started working, but every day gets better than the day before. I'm still transitioning into my post-graduation life, identifying my passion, and figuring out how I should allocate my time.

Definitely looking forward to visiting Skidmore as an alum whenever I am back in the East Coast.