Mae Capozzi
Mae Capozzi
English (Italian)
Current Job:
Product manager / front-end developer at Thrive Global
Current City:
Brooklyn, N.Y.
High School:
Wellesley High School, Wellesley, Mass.
Post Graduation:
Dev Bootcamp, 501 Auctions, Thrive Global
Activities while at Skidmore:
Jazz Combo, The Hillarys
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Quick Pitch

Try something you don't think you'll like for a semester. I didn't even consider CS as a major, and now I work as a developer. I wish I had known how much I liked it back in 2011 as a freshman. Also, spend as much time outside as you can, especially if you're going to follow the Skidmore pipeline and move to Brooklyn.


I didn't find out about coding until my junior year of college. I had no idea how a browser worked, let alone a computer, and I was still using Firefox. I'm glad those days are behind me. I thought I wanted to be a professor. It was really important that I allowed myself to take a risk.