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Deb FernandezDebra J. Fernandez
Professor of Dance

Office: Dance Center 104
Phone: (518) 580-5337

Office Hours: By Appointment

Curriculum Vitae




DA 277 - Performance Elements
Credits: 2
Designed for dance and theater students, the course provides training for stage performance. Based on the practice of Yoga, the art and discipline of breathing (inhalation and exhalation) joined to physical postures deepens the ability of a dance or theater student to concentrate and control performance. The course develops strength, balance, and flexibility. Through repetition in the flow and sequence of each class, students acquire an understanding of the role of practice.
Prerequisites permission of instructor.
Not for liberal arts credit.

DA 228 - Choreography I
Credits: 3
Beginning choreographers develop a personal movement vocabulary by adopting various investigative methods and applying them to class assignments. Rigorous exercises touch on design, dynamics, rhythm training, phrase development, and other compositional tools. Through solo and group work, the choreographer will develop a sense of craft as it applies to the art of making dances. Final projects will be shown in the Dance Theater at semester's end.
Prerequisites DA 227 or permission of instructor.
This course partially fulfills the writing requirement in Dance. Not for liberal arts credit.

DA 328 - Choreography II
Credits: 3
Further development of the craft as it pertains to group work with increased emphasis on music, costume, and lighting design. Sophisticated inquiry into imagery, intention and artistry challenges the student to move beyond compositional tools toward the creation of an artistic statement. The class will produce a concert of their work in collaboration with the Dance Production lighting designers.
Prerequisites DA 228.
Not for liberal arts credit.

DB 311 - Ballet III: High Intermediate
Credits: 2 or 3
A technique class for accomplished dancers who are motivated to work at a more sophisticated level. Students study a full range of ballet technique, theory, and terminology as they begin to develop musical artistry and stamina. Pointe work and men's work are included. Guest artists frequent this class. Dancers are also encouraged to enroll in DB 353 and (women) DB 212 and (men) DB 352.
Prerequisites Level placement determined by instructor.
May be repeated for credit. Not for liberal arts credit.

DB 393 - Contemporary Ballet Performance Workshop
Credits: 1, 2 or 3
Dancers move from studio to stage as they participate in the creative act of constructing or learning a new work in preparation for performance. Students work towards developing skills necessary for a successful relationship with a choreographer: nimble mind and feet, receptivity, presence, boldness, and a sense of creative adventure.
Prerequisites Students must be enrolled in at least one technique class. By audition and/or permission.
Not for liberal arts credit. May be repeated for credit.
D. Fernandez

DA 375 - Senior Dance Capstone I
Credits: 3
A study of selected 19th and 20th century dance masterworks along with related 21st century works, which demonstrate the progression of the art form. After preparatory viewings, writings, and discussions, students write a major paper exploring historical context and identifying the relationship of the choreographic elements through a critical analysis of content, form, thematic structure, staging, style, and musical accompaniment.
Prerequisites DA 328.
Required for all dance majors. This course partially fulfills the writing requirement in Dance.

DA 376 - Senior Dance Capstone**
Credits: 3
A performance course which leads to the Senior Dance Capstone Concert. The research in DA 375 helps inform and guide the student throughout the creative process of either choreographing an original work or performing a solo staged with permission of the choreographer. Students are responsible for arranging every aspect of the concert, including music, lighting, costuming, program order, printed program, and publicity.
Prerequisites DA 375 and recommendation of department.
Required for dance majors seeking honors in Dance.



Dance Performance in the Tang Museum

Dance Performance in the Tang Museum

Dance Performance in the Tang Museum