Low-level alert

Update: Operations resumed

Law enforcement reports that the subject of today's alert is in custody. The campus has resumed normal operations.

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Dance Department


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Chair of the Department of Dance: Debra J. Fernandez, The David H. Porter Chair
Professor: Debra J. Fernandez

Associate Professors: Mary DiSanto-Rose, Denise Warner Limoli

Senior Artist-in-Residence: Mary Harney

Assistant Professors: Sarah DiPasquale, Jason Ohlberg

Full-time Lecturer: Erika Pujič

Part-time Lecturers:Tina Baird,Megan DelPrete, David Otto, Christy Williams

Music Director: Carl Landa

Accompanists: Carol Ann Elze-Sussdorff, Patricia Hadfield, Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius

Technical Director, Lighting Designer, and Manager: Lori Dawson

Dance Department Administrative Assistants: Ellen Grandy and Judy Soukup