Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs Office

Student Assessment and Intervention Group


The Student Assessment and Intervention Group (SAIG) meets weekly (Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30a.m.) during the school year to review and respond to reports about students of concern. These reports may come to the group through a variety of channels, such as Campus Safety Reports, Residential Life Incident Documents, academic reports to the Dean of Studies or to Student Academic Services, or to the Director of the FYE. Each report about a student is reviewed and cross-referenced with information from other offices. All information is held confidentially. Following a review of each report, the group makes a decision about how the college should respond and delegates responsibility to a group member or relevant office. The group also reviews outcomes and safety concerns from major campus events and statistical trends on student behavior and campus responses. Finally, the group assesses institutional policies and practices with regard to the health, welfare, and safety of students.