Faculty       Chairs/Directors    
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs



Function: The All-College Council has been designed to serve as a college forum to analyze, discuss and make recommendations to the President on community issues that do not clearly fall under the jurisdiction of the President's staff and of student and faculty committees and governance structures. As such, the All-College Council has jurisdiction over all-College community matters that due to their nature do not fall under the purview of any one of the existing committees and governance structures. Any member of the All-College Council may bring an issue to the Council for discussion. The All-College Council will then discuss the issue and make a determination as to whether or not the issue falls under its purview. To formally consider an issue, a simple majority of the All-College Council must vote either to consider it under its jurisdiction or to remand the issue to the constituency under it to whose jurisdiction it has been determined to belong. Additionally the All-College Council shall have the ability to form ad-hoc subcommittees to further investigate issues and report back to the Council. Amendments to the function or membership of this committee must be agreed to by all parties and made by the appropriate methods within each of the three constituencies.

Membership: President of the College (Chair), S.G.A. President, S.G.A. Vice-President for Academic Affairs, S.G.A. Vice-President for Residential Affairs, two students-at-large appointed by S.G.A., one appointed for a one year term and one for a two year term; five (5) tenure track faculty, at least two of them tenured, elected to two year terms; the Dean of Admissions and Student Aid, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty or his/her designee, the Dean of Student Affairs, one(1) at-large administrative representative and one (1) representative of the Support Staff appointed by the President to two-year terms. In order to ensure continuity from academic year to academic year, the Council membership (faculty, staff, student) should be appointed on a staggered basis so that there are always experienced members on the Council.

     Philip Glotzbach, President, Chair
  John Brueggemann, Associate Dean of Faculty Development
  Pat Oles, Dean of Student Affairs
  Mary Lou Bates, Dean of Admissions & Student Aid
2004 Scott Minkoff '04, SGA President
  Nick Merrill '05, SGA V.P. for Academic Affairs
  Betsy Sheridan '05, SGA V.P. for Residential Affairs
2004 Dave Thayer '04
2005 Felicia Berenson '05
2005 Mary Cogan, University Without Walls
2005 Kim Coons, Student Aid & Family Finance
2004 Paty Rubio, Foreign Languages & Literatures, tenured (1-semester replacement S'04)
  Ruth Andrea Levinson, Education, tenured
2005 Philip Boshoff, English, tenured
  Debra Fernandez, Exercise Science, Dance & Athletics, tenured
  Mark Huibregtse, Mathematics & Computer Science, tenured
  Guests: Jack Ling, Director, Office of Institutional Diversity


Function: To serve as the Appeal Board for cases heard by the Integrity Board. To review automatically any recommendation for suspension or dismissal from the Integrity Board.

Membership: Two faculty members appointed by CFG to serve overlapping two-year terms, the Dean of Student Affairs as Chair; and two students appointed by SGA.

2004 David Karp, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
2005 Elzbieta Lepkowska-White, Management & Business                                        
  Pat Oles, Dean of Student Affairs, Chair
2004 Tony Guzzo '06


Function: To monitor and recommend changes in non-unionized employee benefits to the Financial Policy and Planning Committee and other College constituencies.

Membership: The Committee will consist of three members of the faculty, three members of the support staff, and three members of the administrative/professional staff, to include the Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of Human Resources. The faculty members will be elected to three-year terms. The support staff and administrative/professional staff will determine their own methods for selecting their representatives. Undesignated members will serve three-year terms. The Committee will include the Director of Financial Planning and Budgeting (or an appropriate alternate chosen by the Office of Business Affairs) and the Assistant Director for Benefits Administration as non-voting members. The Committee will annually elect a chair from among voting members of the Committee.

2004 Reg Lilly, Philosophy & Religion
2005 Margo Mensing, Art & Art History, Chair
2006 Margaret Pearson, History
2005 Roberta Chramoff, Support Staff rep
2005 Rebecca Burnham, Support Staff rep
2004 Lori Parks, Campus Safety
2004 Glenn Egelman, Director, Health Services, admin. rep
  John Brueggemann, Associate Dean of Faculty Development
  Barbara Beck, Director of Human Resources (ex-officio-voting)
  Michael Hall, Director, Financial Planning & Budgeting (non-voting)
  Kathy Carter, Assistant Director of Human Resources (non-voting)                   


Function: To develop a yearly calendar of convocations and public events to stimulate and support the cultural and intellectual energies of the Skidmore community; to review proposed events for possible designation as all-College convocations; to determine the most appropriate means for promoting the annual convocation series; and to oversee the college events calendar.

Membership: Two faculty members, one of whom sits on the All-College Council; four students, to include the Chair of Student Speakers Bureau, the Vice President for Residential Affairs, President of the Senior Class and Chair of the Traditions Committee; one representative from Development/Alumni Affairs; and the Associate Dean of Students Affairs as Chair.

2004 TBA-faculty ACC Rep
2004 Jared Gottlieb '04, Chair of Speakers Bureau
  Bobby Koeth '04, Chair of Traditions Committee
  Betsy Sheridan '05, SGA V.P. for Residential Affairs
  Lilly Coye '04, President of Senior Class
  Elise Morgenstern, College Events & Stewardship
  Anita Steigerwald, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Chair
  Barbara Schallehn, Leadership Activities rep (non-voting) member                       


Function: To advise the President on Diversity and Affirmative Action policy, to consult with the Diversity and Affirmative Action and the Associate Diversity and Affirmative Action Officers, to review annually the College’s Diversity and Affirmative Action program including the sexual harassment policy and submit specific recommendations for improvement, to hear concerns from any member of the College community relating to alleged discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, age national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or concerns relating to sexual harassment, to implement ongoing educational programs as directed by the Director of Diversity and Affirmative Action in order to provide the College community with information about diversity and affirmative action policies and issues, including sexual harassment.

Membership: Two full-time faculty members, two support staff, two administrators, all appointed by the President and who serve a three-year term for no more than two consecutive terms; two students appointed by the President for a two year term renewable for a third year; the Assistant to the Dean of Students for Multicultural Students (ex officio with vote) who shall maintain a liaison with the Dean of Students; the Director of Diversity and Affirmative Action (ex officio with vote), and the Director of Human Resources (ex officio with vote). Other members of the College community, for example the Assistant to the President, may be invited to attend without a vote.

2004 Denise Smith, Exercise Science, Dance & Athletics
2006 TBA-faculty
  Mary Lou Bates, Dean of Admissions & Student Aid
2005 Barbara Ryan, Support Staff rep
  (Ex-Officio with vote:)
  Jack Ling, Director, Office of Institutional Diversity
  Barbara Beck, Director, Human Resources
  Monica Minor, Associate Director, Higher Education Opportunity Program
  Guest: TBA, Director, Office of the President, ex-officio without vote (Guest)
2004 TBA, Student Diversity Liaison
2006 TBA-Admin/Prof rep
2006 TBA-Support Staff rep


Function: To coordinate and conduct Honor Code workshops for first-year students and transfers; and in its capacity as a commission, to help educate all students as to what constitutes an honor violation, to implement the Honor Code by requiring students to write on their tests and exams that they have not witnessed or in any way aided another person cheating, and to recommend changes in the Honor Code System.

Membership: The Student Honor Code Educator as Chair, the SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs, one student representative at-large, one faculty representative at-large, and one representative from each of the judicial boards (Integrity Board, and Board of Appeals).

2004 Daniel Curley, Classics
  Lilly Coye '04, Student Honor Code Educator, Chair                                
  Nick Merrill '05, SGA V.P. for Academic Affairs
  Jennifer Marquis '05
  Meghan Gingrich '06
  Reps from Integrity Board & Board of Appeals


Function: To recommend to the College policies and plans regarding information resources, including their ongoing assessment and renewal, and thereby to serve as the College's chief policy-recommending and planning body for information resources; to provide a forum in which the senior administration of the College, the directors of the various information resource centers, and the users of information resources may engage in substantive deliberations to ensure that the College reaps fully the benefits of modern integrated information resources and external networks; to review and revise the College's long-range plan for information resources on a regular basis. The IRC may appoint task forces to address particular aspects of its mission as it deems appropriate. In instances where faculty will be appointed to such task forces, the IRC will inform the CFG of the appointments. In the case of educational policy and planning issues, including issues concerning the library, the IRC will coordinate its consideration of such issues with that of CEPP and will submit proposals for CEPP's approval. Ordinarily, meetings of the IRC will be open and advertised in advance.

Membership: Four faculty members, two elected and two appointed by the CFG in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, to serve staggered four-year terms; two students selected by SGA; the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, who will serve as Chair; the Vice President for Business Affairs; the College Librarian; the Director of the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS); the Director of Institutional Research.

2004 Michael Marx, English, tenured (elected) (to be replaced for 03-04)   
  Lisa Aronson, Art & Art History (1-yr replacement for Marx 03-04)
2005 Flip Phillips, Psychology, untenured (elected)
2006 Bob Jones, Economics, tenured (appointed)
2007 Judy Halstead, Chemistry, tenured (appointed)
  Karl Broekhuizen, V.P. for Business Affairs
  Bret Ingerman, Director, CITS
  Sarah Goodwin, Associate Dean of the Faculty, Chair
  Ann Henderson, Registrar & Director, Institutional Research
  Ruth Copans, College Librarian
  Philip Anstey '06
  Bill Roshia '04


Function: To monitor the use of laboratory animals in teaching and research.

Membership: No less than five members appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty; a veterinarian, a scientist experienced in laboratory animal research, and an individual who has no other affiliation with the institution besides membership on the committee.

      Bernard Possidente, Biology
      Mary Stange, Philosophy & Religion
  Gregory Goodwin, Psychology, Chair
  Kim Lucas - unaffiliated rep
  Elmer Robinson, DVM
  Jack Ling, Director, Office of Institutional Diversity (voting)


Function: To publish and maintain the Safety in the Workplace Program, a program that complies both with applicable external laws and regulations and with Skidmore’s specific needs, to review regularly existing safety policies and consider new policies designed to minimize unsafe acts, eliminate or control hazards, and stimulate efforts to create and maintain interest in safety.

Membership: Two faculty members, one student member, one support staff member, one member of Local 200D, all appointed by the President and serving staggered three-year terms; the College physician, the Manager of Employment and Training, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty or her/his designee, and the Business Manager (chair).

  Paul Davis, Art & Art History, Dean of Faculty designee
2004 Janis Ritorto, Chemistry, faculty rep
  Tracy DeRocher, Biology, faculty rep
  TBA-student rep
2006 TBA-support staff rep
  Christine Kaczmarek, Director of Business Services, Chair (member & chair by title)
  Glenn Egelman, Director of Health Services (member by title)
  Kathy Carter, Assistant Director for Benefits Administration (member by title)
  Richard Bussert, Facilities Services
  Dennis Conway, Department of Campus Safety
2004 Pete Sickler, Union Rep, Local 200D
  Jamie Cherry, Food Services