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Kress Family Creative Pedagogy Grant Application


A FINAL REPORT must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs within 1 month of the end of the grant period.

All materials and/or equipment purchased with the aid of grant funding remain the property of Skidmore College when the funded project is completed.

Provide a statement of 750 words or less describing the proposed project in language understandable to the non-specialist. The members of the Faculty Development Committee consist of faculty from different disciplines. It is your responsibility to provide a description of your project and your objectives that is easily understood by someone outside your area of expertise with enough detail to give a precise understanding of what you wish to accomplish. Please describe how your project will promote student engagement, creativity, and curiosity. If your proposal includes a collaborator from another institution, give the collaborator's name, institution, and position and indicate how the collaboration will enhance the proposed pedagogy.

If your project involves the use of human subjects or human tissues, or vertebrate animals, indicate the status of IRB (human subject) or IACUC (vertebrate animal) reivew (approved; submitted and pending; not yet submitted).

Budget Information - This grant may be taken as a taxable stipend or it may be used to fund expenses related to the project. If you are submitting a budget, please adhere to the following policies and guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: Original, itemized receipts for all items $10 or over must be attached to expense reports. Your credit card bill and the receipt showing the total amount paid for restaurant charges are not considered adequate proof of purchase. Itemize each expense, including airfare, meals, or other incidental expenses. Include estimated dates, number of days, and cities of departure and arrival (as applicable).

By entering your name here, the Faculty Development Committee will accept this as a fully-signed document.