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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


May 16, 2007
Gannett Auditorium

I. Approval of Minutes - April 27, 2007

II. President’s Report – Philip A. Glotzbach

I. Michael Casey – Introduction
II. Pat Oles – Introduction and Announcement
III. Mary Lou Bates – Admissions Update

III. Old Business

I. CEC – Sue Van Hook – Resolution for Double-Sided Printing

IV. New Business

Conferral of Degrees
I. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees – Ann Henderson
II. UWW – Mary DiSanto-Rose
III. MALS – Debra Fernandez
IV. All-College and Departmental Honors – Michael Ennis-McMillan

V. Reports

I. Mike West – Report of the Vice President for Finance & Administration
II. SGA – Dan Moran – Year-end Report
III. FEC – Dan Curley – Committee of Committees Report – Susan Kress – Response

VI. Other

VII. Announcement 

I. Ian Berry – Tang Museum Upcoming Events