Faculty       Chairs/Directors    
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


April 27, 2007
Gannett Auditorium


President Philip A. Glotzbach called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm. President Glotzbach asked if there were any amendments to the March 30, 2007 Faculty Meeting minutes. Hearing none, he announced that the minutes were approved.


The President’s report included the following:

The faculty congratulated those appointed to the endowed chairs.


Vice President Susan Kress thanked the two previous holders of the endowed chairs for their distinguished service– the Kenan Professor of Liberal Arts Chair is Penny Jolly and the Joseph C. Palamountain Chair is Steve Hoffmann. She called on Muriel Poston to give a report


Dean Muriel Poston gave the following report:

VP Kress thanked Dean Poston and Associate Dean Hofmann for their hard work in moving all of these initiatives forward this year.

VP Kress asked Kate Leavitt, on behalf of FDC to announce the 2007-08 Ralph Ciancio Award for Excellence in Teaching: this year’s prize was awarded to Giuseppe Faustini.

VP Kress, on behalf of Jeff Segrave of Special Programs who could not be present, thanked Ken Klotz (soon retiring) for his long and dedicated service to UWW. The faculty congratulated interim director Jim Kennelly—and Christopher Whann, who will step in as director for the period between Ken’s retirement and Jim’s taking up of the office.


CAPT – The retirement resolution concerning nine faculty members was read by John Berman, Chair of CAPT (See Attachment).

VP Kress asked the assembly to signal their acclimation by applause.

Recognition of Retirees: Citations for each of the retirees were printed in booklets distributed at the faculty meeting. VP Kress commented that the retirement of these colleagues represents a huge loss to the College and to our institutional memory. Collectively, they represent almost three centuries of service to the College. Each of them has made outstanding contributions. Toasts will follow at the reception. Each department chair or another colleague spoke on behalf of each retiree as follows:

Retiree: Tribute:
Isabel (Baya) Harper Brown Mary DiSanto-Rose
Paul Corr  Betty Balevic
Joan Douglas Mary Ann Foley
Gerry Erchak  David Karp
Ruth Andrea Levinson Susan Lehr
Murray Levith Linda Simon
Jill Sweet  David Karp
Margaret (Peg) Tacardon  David Karp
Joanna Zangrando  Mary Lynn

President Glotzbach congratulated the retirees on their service to the institution. He commented that junior colleagues in particular should pay attention to what was said about these colleagues today. They have left a rich legacy as teachers, as scholars, as researchers, and as citizens.


CEPP Motion – Dan Nathan introduced the motion on Proportional Tenure Track Lines (See attachment). One or two faculty raised concerns about recruitment and about the possible loss of lines to departments. CEPP accepted as a friendly amendment a change in the wording of the title in section C from “shared” to “apportioned.” A vote was taken and all but two faculty members voted in favor.

CAPT Motions – John Berman, CAPT Chair:



CEPP - Deb Hall spoke briefly about the National Student Exchange pilot program. Handouts were distributed. (See attachment)


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Kokoletsos
Executive Administrative Assistant
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs