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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


April 3, 2009
Gannett Auditorium

I. Approval of Minutes - February 27, 2009

II. President's Report - Philip A. Glotzbach

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs' Report - Susan Kress

I. Dean of the Faculty - Muriel Poston
II. Dean of Special Programs - Jeff Segrave

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

I. Curriculum Committee, Motions - Timothy Harper
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-Philosophy interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Political-Economy interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-French interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-German interdepartmental major
MOTION - To eliminate Economics-Spanish interdepartmental major

II. Tenure Review Board, Motion - Penny Jolly
MOTION - Changes to the membership and procedures of the Tenure Review
Board in the Faculty Handbook

III. Faculty Executive Committee, Governance and Service - John Brueggemann

VI. Reports

I. Center Study Group, Update - Terence Diggory

VII. Other

VIII. Announcements

I. Responsible Citizenship Task Force, Civic Engagement Grants - Karen Kellogg
II. Davis 100 Projects for Peace, Skidmore Recipients - Darren Drabek
III. Invitation to Community Reception - Sue Layden