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March 4, 2011
Gannett Auditorium

I. Approval of Minutes - February 4, 2011

II. President's Report - Susan Kress

I. Cabinet Q&A

III. Vice President for Academic Affairs Report - Muriel Poston

I. Moseley Award for 2012 and Faculty Commencement Speaker - Peter Stake

IV. Old Business

I. Curriculum Committee - Lisa Aronson
MOTION - Elimination of Economics-Sociology Interdepartmental Major

V. New Business

I. Faculty Executive Committee - Reg Lilly
MOTION - Change membership of FEC
MOTION - Reduce membership of FEC

VI. Other

I. Faculty Network - Erica Bastress-Dukehart

VII. Reports

I. CEPP-CAPT Subcommittee - Bob Turner
Alternative Student Rating System

VIII. Announcements

I. Academic Festival - David Vella
II. Skidmore/Union Network Grant Opportunities - Mary Ann Foley
III. NCAA Tournament - Paul Arciero
IV. Invitation to Community Reception - Mike West