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Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs


October 5, 2012
Gannett Auditorium


President Philip A. Glotzbach called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.


President Glotzbach asked if there were any corrections to, or comments regarding, the minutes of the Faculty Meeting held September 7, 2012. Hearing none, he announced the minutes were approved.


President Glotzbach reported that in an effort to increase transparency and collaboration in governance at all levels, Linda Toohey, Chair of the Board of Trustees, was in attendance at today's meeting. A round of applause was given to Chair Toohey.

President Glotzbach reported that the second annual Governance Meeting of chairs of the major committees and members of the administration was held. He noted that the purpose of these meetings is to share information about agendas for the year--to avoid possible surprises, and to ensure that important topics are being considered by the right groups. More information about this meeting will be shared by Interim Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs (DOF/VPAA) Beau Breslin and Professor Barbara Black, Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC).

President Glotzbach also reported on the terrific work that continues to be done on the science planning by the Science Planning Committee led by Karen Kellogg, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Civic Engagement, and Professor Kim Frederick, and the many others from across the sciences who have contributed in important ways. The architectural firm Payette has been retained, and they are working on a range of conceptual designs. These designs have been discussed by both the President's Cabinet and the Institutional Policy and Planning Committee, and the Board will receive a presentation in October. The architectural work is still in a very early stage; once the plans move further along, there will be opportunities to share this work more broadly with the Skidmore community.

President Glotzbach also reported on a very successful conference hosted by Skidmore sponsored by the Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) which focused on "Building an Academic Community that is Prepared to Deliver Inclusive Excellence." In addition to participants from Skidmore, representatives from Bates, Bucknell, Holy Cross, St. Rose, Dartmouth, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Swarthmore, Trinity, Union, and Vassar were in attendance. The featured speaker was Daryl Smith of the Claremont Graduate University. He thanked the members of the planning committee - Paty Rubio, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Personnel, Development, and Diversity; Associate Professor Kristie Ford; Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Student Affairs; Mariel Martin, Director of Student Diversity Programs; and Sue Layden, Associate Dean of Student Affairs - for all their work in bringing this conference to Skidmore as well as the faculty members and administrators who attended.

In concluding his report, President Glotzbach acknowledged the question raised by Professor Regina Janes at the September meeting regarding the debt carried by Skidmore graduates relating to financial aid. We will return to that issue at the November meeting when both Mary Lou Bates, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, and Beth Post-Lundquist, Director of Financial Aid, can be in attendance. He noted that this is complex and should make for an interesting discussion.


Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin provided an update on the science planning and thanked the members of the Science Facilities Task Force and Professors Kim Frederick and Karen Kellogg, as well as the science faculty, for the wonderful work they have done. He noted that the programming work is largely complete; as the process moves forward, there will be opportunities to bring other groups into the conversation.

Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin also discussed the ways in which Skidmore is trying to build a diverse and inclusive community. He noted that the CHAS conference mentioned by President Glotzbach was wonderfully successful; by attending the conference, he learned that Skidmore is actually doing things that are innovative and different than most of the other schools to build a diverse and inclusive community and it helped him to think about ideas moving forward. Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin also noted that his office hosted an inclusive hiring workshop conducted by Linda Marchesani, our consultant, in collaboration with Human Resources, to help department chairs in building inclusive candidate pools.

Thereafter, Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin and Professor Barbara Black, Chair of FEC, discussed the shared governance meeting that was held. Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin noted that the meeting was very successful and expressed his commitment to working with Professor Black and President Glotzbach this year in restructuring the faculty meeting. He also reminded everyone that there will be an Academic Summit on January 18, 2013; we are in the process of generating ideas for the summit now and an email will be forthcoming. Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin hoped everyone will be able to attend. Professor Black also noted that FEC is committed to Committee of the Whole discussions this year and encouraged anyone wishing to discuss a particular issue to please forward them to her, Interim DOF/VPAA Breslin or Debbie Peterson. In the meantime, suggestions for Committee of the Whole discussions include rigor and excellence, the soul of a liberal arts college, technology and learning, prepatory discussion for the Academic Summit, faculty work lives, and assessment.


On behalf of the Faculty Executive Committee, Professor Barbara Black read the following Motion that was introduced at the last Faculty Meeting (see attached):

      MOTION: The Faculty Executive Committee moves that the 2012-2013 Faculty Handbook be adopted. The following link takes you to the 2012-2013 Faculty Handbook (showing tracked changes) as well as handbooks from previous years:  Faculty Handbooks

Professor Black reported on some minor changes, most of which were housekeeping changes, that were made to the 2012-2013 Faculty Handbook that were made since the Handbook was originally posted online. Brief discussion was held concerning these changes, particularly the sharing of minutes between committees. Thereafter, the Motion was voted on and passed with all in favor.


There was no new business.


On behalf of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Degree Committee, Associate Professor Maria Lander read the following resolution into the record (see attached):

     RESOLVED, that the Faculty of Skidmore College recommend to the Trustees the granting of the Master of Arts degree to one student.

There was no discussion, and the motion was voted on and passed with all in favor.


SGA Introductions. Members of the Student Government Association introduced themselves to the faculty: Matt Walsh, President; Amanda Seres, Vice President for Communication and Outreach; Ben Bechand, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Emilee Bell, Senior Class President and Inter-Class Council Chair; Jovany Andujar, Vice President for Diversity Affairs; Donald Duff, Vice President for Financial Affairs; Jessica Sonnenfeld, Vice President for Residential Affairs; and Leland Martin, Vice President for Club Affairs. President Glotzbach thanked all the SGA officers for their service, and a round of applause was given.

Introductions and Agenda for the Year. Major Committee chairs introduced themselves and provided a brief overview of their agenda this year:

Thereafter, the floor was opened for questions directed to committee chairs:


The meeting was adjourned at 4:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra L. Peterson
Executive Administrative Assistant