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Education Studies

Education Studies Club

Skidmore Education Taking Action


SETA is a newly chartered club that helps those interested in education to gain a greater understanding of what the field has to offer. The club works closely with the Education Studies Department, using education classes as a catalyst to create discussion as well as a way to bring forth ideas for Book Club books, speakers, and field trips.

The club has a strong belief that it is important for future teachers to stay connected with their own education in order to educate others as well as to gain a firm understanding of their educational creeds. Learning is a lifelong process, and the club gives members an understanding of how to continue that process after entering into the working world.

The club was created in the Spring of 2006 and has been growing and prospering since then. The events that the club has taken part of has been ones that reach out to the local and greater communities of children as well as informational events for the Skidmore community.

To become involved in our club, please contact the Education Studies Department at 518-580-5140. A student does not have to be an education major to join. Anyone interested in helping children to grow and learn in a hands-on and discussion-oriented way is more than welcome to attend meetings.