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Environmental Studies and Sciences


ES 100
Environmental Concerns in Perspective

Course Description

An interdisciplinary, multiple-perspective approach to the study of environmental concerns. In this course, students study the interaction of human beings and their social, political, and economic institutions with the natural environment. Issues such as air pollution, water pollution, and land management are discussed from the perspectives of both the natural sciences and the social sciences. Local, regional, national, international, and historical perspectives on these issues are also discussed.

Recent Instructors

Instructor Phone E-mail Office
Anne Ernst x. 5078 agallagh@skidmore.edu Dana 180
Nurcan Atalan-Helicke x. 8372 natalanh@skidmore.edu Harder 192
Karen Kellogg x 5198 kkellogg@skidmore.edu Dana 186
Andrew Schneller x. 8192 aschnell@skidmore.edu Dana 186

ES 100