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Environmental Studies and Sciences


ES 105
Field Studies in Environmental Science

Course Description

An interdisciplinary natural science approach to the study of environmental issues. The primary focus of this course is a drinking water supply for Saratoga Springs: Loughberry Lake. The sources of the lake's water supply, chemical characteristics of the lake, and the nature of the land surrounding the lake, including Skidmore's North Woods, are considered from a biological, chemical, and geological perspective. The course involves laboratory and field work and emphasizes the scientific method, and techniques and theories used to measure, analyze, and describe changes in the environment. Three house of lecture, three hours of lab a week. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: QR1. (Fulfills natural sciences requirement.)

Recent Instructors

Instructor Phone E-mail Office
Anne Gallagher Ernst x 5078 agallagh@skidmore.edu Dana 180


MWF 10:10-11:05 Emerson Auditorium


Field Studies in Environmental Science Custom Text, McGraw-Hill Publishers
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