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Environmental Studies and Sciences


Honors in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies (ES) Program honors are awarded to an ES senior who has maintained the required college and department grade averages and who enrolls in ES 376 - Senior Thesis during fall of their senior year. Distinct and separate from the ES capstone project, the ES Senior Thesis gives Environmental Studies students the opportunity to engage in original, independent research under the careful supervision of an ES faculty member, who serves as the senior thesis advisor. The senior thesis advisor must be a member of the ES faculty or ES affiliated faculty. To avoid conflicts with the rigorous demands of the collaborative ES capstone project, the Senior Thesis project is a fall only undertaking. The ES Steering Committee must approve the sneior thesis proposal prior to enrollment in ES 376 - Senior Thesis. In addition to the necessary grade averages and an A- or better on the ES senior thesis, the student must receive the recommendation of the ES program to receive honors at graduation.

The Senior Thesis Proposal (procedures, deadlines, and guidelines):

The ES Steering Committee must be completed during the summer or fall semester following junior year. The ES Steering Committee must approve all senior thesis proposals before the projects are initiated and before enrollment in ES 376 Senior Thesis.

You must submit your ES senior thesis proposal electronically to both the Director of Environmental Studies and your thesis advisor by April 15 of your junior year. This will allow the Director of ES to verify that your thesis advisor approves of your submission prior to its review by the ES Steering Committee.

The Director of ES will provide the student and his/her thesis project advisor with a summary of the suggestions made by the ES Steering Committee members and indicate whether the project has been approved within several weeks of the April 15  deadline. Only after receiving this approval can the student register for ES 376-Senior Thesis.

To submit a proposal to the ES Steering Committee for review, the student must first identify a senior thesis advisor and work with that advisor to complete a proposal. The senior thesis advisor must be a member of the ES faculty or ES affiliated faculty. Your thesis proposal should include the following components: