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Health and Human Physiological Sciences


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HP 111 - Introduction to Exercise Physiology

HP 115 - Kinetic Anatomy: The Moving Body

HP 119 - Sport and Social Issues

HP 126 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

HP 127 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II

HP 131 - Introduction to Public Health

HP 241 - Exercise Testing and Prescription

HP 242 - Principles of Nutrition for Health and Performance

HP 299 - Professional Internship in Exercise Science

HP 311 - Advanced Exercise Physiology

HP 312 - Cellular Aspects of Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Metabolism 

HP 313 - Integrative Physiology of Adipose Tissue 

HP 314 - Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology 

HP 316 - The Physiology of Aging 

HP 351 A-D - Topics in Health and Human Physiological Sciences 

HP 355 - Research Design

HP 361A - Topics in Exercise Science: Nutrition and Bioenergetics.

HP 361B - Topics in Exercise Science: Cardiorespiratory Aspects of Human Performance.  

HP 361C - Topics in Exercise Science: Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology.

HP 361D - Topics in Exercise Science: Advanced Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.

HP 361E - Topics in Exercise Science: Neuromuscular Aspects of Human Performance.

HP 361G - Topics in Exercise Science: Chronic Disease Epidemiology.

HP 361F - Topics in Exercise Science: Body Composition.

HP 361I - Topics in Exercise Science: Cellular Aspects of Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Metabolism

HP 371 - Independent Study

HP 375 - Senior Research in Exercise Science

HP 376 - Seminar 

HP 399 - Professional Internship in Health and Exercise Science