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Health and Exercise Sciences

What's Happening in Health and Exercise Sciences

  1. Skidmore College Awarded $1.4 Million for Research, conducted by Dr. Denise Smith, on Firefighter Deaths
  2. This is Public Health: Students from EX 131, Intro to Public Health, collaborate with their peers to demonstrate that public health matters.
  3. EX 355 Mini-Project Poster Presentations
  4. Skidmore team earns patent for use of antioxidant compound.
  5. Student, athlete, award-winning scientist Tim Brodsky '14
  6. Johane Simelane '13 SEE-Beyond Experience - HIV Awareness. Password: johane
  7. Why firefighter deaths have hit historic lows.
  8. Sarah Trager Ridge '98 and Kanokwan (Mandy) Bunsawat '11 present research at 60th annual ACSM meeting in Indianapolis May 28 - June 1, 2013.
  9. Recent Skidmore Graduates, Lisa-Marie Jasienowski '11 and Jackie Liebig '09, graduate from Columbia University.
  10. Timothy Brodsky '14 wins two David S. Bruce awards at the 2013 Experimental Biology meeting in Boston.
  11. Dr. Paul Arciero and his Principles of Nutrition class mark National Eating Healthy Day at local elementary schools:
  12. HES students receive Athletic awards
  13. Drs. Smith and Fehling awarded second grant from the Department of Homeland Security on Firefighter Safety.
  14. Food and Fitness Expert, Dr. Paul Arciero, featured in SCOPE: A bowl of ice cream can always be "burned off" by running on the treadmill, right?
  15. Article published in Sports Nutrition Insider by Dr. Mike Ormsbee and Lawrence Chong; The Truth about "NATURAL" ANDROGEN Supplements.
  16. Denise Smith delivers Edwin M Moseley Faculty Research Lecture on: Sudden Cardiac Death: Why are Firefighters at Risk?
  17. Moseley Lecture to focus on firefighters' cardiac risks presented by Denise L. Smith
  18. Skidmore College Receives $1M Grant to Study Firefighter Fitness
  19. Cantimer Wins Firefighter Dehydration Test Contract
  20. New Cantimer Hydration Monitor May Save Lives on Fire Line
  21. Motivating Seniors to Exercise Better is Target of Research
  22. National Institute of Health Study on the Regulation of Muscle Mass with Advancing Age
  23. Jonathan Brestoff wins Goldwater Scholarship
  24. Margaret Paulding Award Recipients
  25. Denise L. Smith named to The Class of 1961 Term Professorship
  26. Jeffrey O. Segrave Appointed to the David H. Porter Endowed Chair
  27. T.H. Reynolds and Denise Smith Participate in Mini-college Lecture Series
  28. Mid-Atlantic American College of Sports Medicine Conference
  29. Exercise Science Students Present Experimental Biology Research
  30. Andrew Miller Recipient of David S. Bruce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
  31. Exercise Science Student Jazzmina Moore Awarded Kathryn Wasserman Davis 100 Projects for Peace Program Funding
  32. Cantimer Wins $996,000 Firefighter Dehydration Test Contract 
  33. Skidmore Professors Collaborate to Advance Firefighter Safety 
  34. Students Christopher Darin and Caitlin Ketcham attended the National Meeting of the Obesity Society in Orlando FL October 1-5, 2011, presenting a poster titled: Visceral Adipose Stores Decline Significantly Following 4 Month Lifestyle Interventions in Overweight/Obese Adults.
  35. Another $1 million grant for firefighter health research
  36. Smith, Fehling to help set standards for firefighter safety
  37. Skidmore professor, T.H. Reynolds, receives $370K NIH grant for diabetes research
  38. Drs. Smith and Fehling publish report on research, Sudden Cardiac Events in the Fire Service: Understanding the Cause and Mitigating the Risk.
  39. Wes Lefferts '11 Wins MARC-ACSM Matthew Kerner Undergraduate Student Investigator Award at November 4-6, 2010 meeting
  40. Drs. Smith and Fehling awarded second grant from Department of Homeland Security on Firefighter Safety.