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Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Student research group

Senior Thesis Research

Fall 2006 

"A Comparison of the Muscle-Bone Unit in Female Collegiate Volleyball Players and Dancers." 
Presented by:  Karla Hawkins, Laura Ishkanian, Alexandra Lange
Advisor: Professor Patricia Fehling

"Platelet Function and Coagulation During and Following Heat Stress"
Presented by:  Pamela Busineau and Scott Newell
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith

"Heat Stress and the Inflammatory Response"
Presented by:  Andrew Miller
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith


Spring 2006

"Tortoise or the Hare? Which is Better for Insulin Sensitivity, Glucose Tolerance and Inflammatory Cytokines?"
Students: Benjamin Clippinger, Thomas Spinella, Eryn Relyea, Danielle Bonitatibus
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero

"Hungry and Obese? An Investigation into the Impact of Federal Food Programs on Food Insecure Families Suffering From Obesity"
Student: Hilary Keasling
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Segrave