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Health and Exercise Sciences

HES Thesis project

Senior Thesis Research

Student Research at Skidmore College

Since all Exercise Science majors are required to complete a senior thesis, the Department houses a lengthy compendium of student research. Studies have ranged from the effects of physical activity on resting metabolic rate, glucose metabolism and blood flow, to racial segregation in the National Football League. In recent years, students have collaborated with faculty to present and publish research on such topics as caloric balance in college dancers, the physiological responses to physical activity in federally mandated fire-fighting gear, and the effects of caffeine and Creatine ingestion on resting metabolic rate, body composition, and blood flow in college-aged and older adults.

Other Activities Involving Students

Each year, outstanding specialists are brought to the campus to lecture and conduct clinics or workshops in an area of Exercise Science. Recent visitors have included Bob Costas (NBC Sports), Dr. Douglas Hastad (Dean, University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse), Dr. George Sage (author and scholar, University of Northern Colorado), Gail Dalsky (University of Connecticut Osteoporosis Center), Wayne Osness (University of Kansas, Olympic Education Committee) and Barbara Moore (President and CEO of C. Everett Koop's "Shape Up America"). The Department has also sponsored two nationally recognized symposia in recent years: the 1980 Olympic Symposia at Skidmore College, featuring guest speakers Sir Roger Bannister (the first athlete to break the 4 minute mile) and Harry Edwards (author, civil rights activist, and Major League Baseball consultant); and the 1984 Conference on Sport and Higher Education, featuring guest speakers Ernest Boyer (President of the Carnagie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching) and George Hanford (President of the College Board).