Faculty Network

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Mission Statement

Skidmore’s Faculty Network is about faculty helping faculty. Conceived by faculty, the Network’s aim is to bring colleagues together to talk about scholarly and pedagogical issues that concern and intrigue us.  Through Faculty Interest Groups, workshops, and one-on-one discussions, the mission of the Faculty Network is to create a renewed and reinvigorated sense of community.

The Network is meant to support faculty who want to come together to discuss common interests, as well as for those seeking intellectual exchange across disciplinary boundaries. It also encourages the potential for collaboration across cohorts of faculty; in particular interactions among junior and senior members of the faculty. The Network also offers opportunities for mentoring of newer faculty by our more senior members. Because FIGs will bring together colleagues who already share pedagogical and creative/scholarly concerns, these concerns may form the basis of mentoring relationships, enhancing support for newer faculty members and promoting their integration into the community.