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Since the Haiti earthquake, faculty and staff (and students) have engaged in multiple activities to support relief to Haiti's residents and also to build ties with several organizations operating in Haiti, including Pure Water for the World (PWW), the University of Fondwa (UNIF), and SEKONAPA (Peasant Association of Fondwa/Haiti).  This Faculty Interest Group helps to develop opportunities for faculty, students, and staff to contribute not only financial support but also human capital based on Skidmore's program and community members' interests.

Initial possibilities and opportunities include language exchange in English, French, and Spanish; developing course units and helping assemble materials to aid in the teaching of topics related to UNIF's agenda in agronomy, veterinary science, business, and the social sciences and humanities; and offering computing technology support.

The Faculty Interest Group's goal is to establish long-term connections that foster our understanding of a developing country and that contribute to meeting various needs identified by select international and national NGOs and other groups.

Initial Members:
For more information: Please contact Jordana Dym.