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Professional and amateur sports are deeply woven into American culture. For many, participation in sports as both an athlete and a spectator serve as an important source of identity. For a few, it serves as a career. Because its influence is so widespread and much of its history is so well documented, sport provides an excellent vehicle for understanding broader social and economic phenomena. For example, there is much that students can learn from the study of sport about issues of gender, race, and power—social, economic, and political.

As a Faculty Interest Group our goal is to explore commonalities in our teaching and research interests. We hope that our students and we can benefit from coordination of our efforts in course offerings, outside speakers and films, and research projects. A single on-campus speaker, for example, can provide context for a discussion of discrimination within and across different disciplines.

We plan to meet regularly (hopefully two or three times a semester). In addition to planning joint activities, we will also discuss how we might assist one another with our individual course offerings (e.g., guest lecturing and sharing readings) and with research synergies that may include data acquisition and coordination of purchases for the library.

Current members:
For more information: Please contact either Catherine White Berheide or Dan Nathan.