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Languages Across the Curriculum

The Languages Across the Curriculum Program allows students with high intermediate to advanced competency to integrate foreign language to their study of disciplines commonly taught in English. LAC allows them to enrich and expand the intercultural and international content of such courses, and to expand their foreign language proficiency. Cross-cultural and multilingual inquiry affords a more complete learning experience and provides a basis for comparative understanding not available when limited to the use of resources in only one language. In connecting LAC with a course taught in English, students will develop a deeper and more precise understanding of the target language and culture by reading in that language. Students will also attain a better understanding of how a different culture approaches the discipline in question.

In order to participate in Skidmore’s LAC, you need to enroll in a LAC class in the language of your choice and connect it with a class in a department other than Foreign Languages and Literatures. There two levels of LAC: one at the intermediate level, a 1-credit 220 LAC course offered in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, and an advanced 2-credit 340 LAC course offered in French, German, and Spanish, with other languages to be added in Spring '08. Majors and Minors in International Studies, and Minors in Latin American Studies, are required to complete at least one unit of LAC (220).

Sampling of courses with which a LAC course easily connects: