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Foreign Languages
and Literature


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Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures: María Fernanda Lander

Professors: John Anzalone, The Class of 1948 Chair for Excellence in Teaching; Mao Chen; Giuseppe Faustini; Hédi A. Jaouad; Mary-Elizabeth O'Brien, T he Courtney and Steven Ross Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies; Patricia Rubio, The Class of 1967 Term Professor, Shirley Smith

Associate Professors: Grace Burton, María Fernanda Lander, Viviana Rangil, Marc-André Wiesmann, Adrienne Zuerner

Assistant Professor: Masako Inamoto

Teaching Professors: Diana Barnes, Barbara Garbin, Karin Hamm-Ehsani, Beatriz Loyola, Masami Tamagawa

Visting Assistant Professor: Cathy Silber

Lecturers: Cynthia Evans, Timothy Freiermuth, Charlene Grant

Study-Abroad Lecturers: Loren Ringer, Director, Skidmore in Paris; Susan Sánchez Casal, Director, Skidmore in Spain

Foreign Language Resource Center Director: Cynthia Evans

Self-Instructional Language Instructors: Gautam Dasgupta, *Regina Hartmann, *Katya Kats, *Jinyoung Mason, *Sarit Moskowitz

* part time