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Gender Studies


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Director of the Gender Studies Program:  Katherine Graney

Assistant Professor: Gwen D'Arcangelis

Affiliated Faculty

American Studies: Rebecca Krefting

Anthropology: Michael Ennis-McMillan

Art History: Katherine Hauser, Mimi Hellman, Penny Jolly, Saleema Waraich

Asian Studies: Mao Chen, Masami Tamagawa

Classics: Leslie Mechem

English: Cecilia Aldarondo, Barbara Black, Phil Boshoff, Catherine Golden, Sarah Webster Goodwin, Kate Greenspan, Wendy Lee, Susannah Mintz, Jacqueline Scoones, Mason Stokes

French: Adrienne Zuerner

History: Jordana Dym, Eric Morser, Kate Paarlberg-Kvam, Murat C. Yildiz

Italian: Barbara Garbin, Shirley Smith

Library: Barbara Norelli

Management and Business: Pushkala Prasad, Minita Sanghvi

Political Science: Katherine Graney, Natalie Fuehrer Taylor, Katie Zuber

Psychology: Corinne Moss-Racusin, Leigh Wilton

Religious Studies:  Eliza Kent, Brad Onishi, Gregory Spinner, Joel Smith

Sociology: Catherine White Berheide, Kristie Ford, Jennifer Mueller, Susan Walzer

Spanish: Maria Lander, Beatriz Loyola, Oscar Perez, Viviana Rangil

Theater: Carolyn Anderson, Eunice Ferreira

* = part time