The photos are in and it's time to vote!

Over the last month, Skidmore students and alumni submitted over 200 pictures from around the world! Now it is time to place your votes!

CTM Skids - Show Skids having a Skidmore experience -- people, places, classes -- in a creative way.

Skids @ Work - Put Skids to work, whether it be out in the garden, or at your desk.

Skids Spirit - Deck Skids out in the Yellow and Green and show your Skidmore pride!

Skids to the Extreme - Maybe it's the hottest place, the coldest place, the highest place, or maybe it's whitewater rafting, mountain climbing or street bike racing!

Sightseeing Skids - Skids can't wait to see the sights! Take him on a tour of a foreign country or even your home town!