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Class of 2000

Matthew Slater '00 passed the Massachusetts Bar Examination and relocated from Miami, Florida to Brookline, Massachusetts, with his wife, where he has established his new legal practice.

Matthew W. Tebo Esq. '00 is currently Assistant Counsel to the Majority Leader as well as Assistant Floor Counsel in the New York State Assembly.

Class of 1999

Sarah Kemmerer Cipperly '99 is an attorney (Emory University) and practices law in Atlanta. 

Joshua Horn '99 is partner in the Fox Rothschild LLP law firm.

Christine D. Lewis '99 after 7 years in government in DC, I'm now out doing Public Affairs work in Seattle, WA for an agency called Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.  Our clients range from corporations like Microsoft to organizations like the UN and Mercy Corps.  The work I am now doing focuses on influencing government through strategic communications.  

Christopher McGrath '99 has been admitted into the doctoral program in Political Science at The George Washington University.

Jeremy Sigel '99 is managing editor of The Wave Magazine.

Class of 1998 

Dan Disalvo '98 completed his MA at Fordham. Dan went on to study American Politics at the University of Virginia. He is ABD and seems to be thriving in warmer climes. Dan co authored an article in PUBLIC INTEREST, "A New GOP?". Check it out online at http://thepublicinterest.com./

Class of 1997

Brenna Cohen '97 is enrolled as first semester student at Columbia University's "post-bac pre-med program." In studying science at Columbia and volunteering for a research project on HIV and diabetes by shadowing physicians in hospitals, Brenna writes: "I've discovered the value of my government background. It enables me to see the connections between medical challenges and socioeconomic factors that face patients in rural and urban communities." 

Elizabeth Byrne Feeney '97 graduated from SUNY Buffalo Law School in 2000, is currently working as a Senior Court Attorney for the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department.

Michele Gemelos ’97 at Oxford, awarded the M.Phil. in English (2000). Submitting D.Phil. in English (2005); dissertation topic: British writers, race and politics in New York  City (1898-1930). Currently completing additional course (teacher training) at Oxford. Have taught English and American literature to undergraduates and visiting American students since 2001. Am also working as a Junior Dean at Worcester College.

Katie Levinson '97 is the Director of Television in the Communications Office at the White House.

Class of 1995 

Katherine Opello '95 is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Hollins Univerity in Roanoke, Virginia.

Jeffrey Ryder ’95 is an aerospace & defense strategy consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton.  After graduating from Skidmore, Jeff spent two years in the Peace Corps in Uzebekistan before receiving a MALD from the Fletcher School, Tufts University and a MBA from Georgetown University.  He is married and lives in Arlington, VA.

Class of 1994 

Matthew Esworthy '94 recently graduated from The Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University. Additionally, he passed the Maryland Bar Exam and presently working as a law clerk for Chief Judge Joseph F. Murphy, Jr. of the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland.

Sarah Hoffman '94 I traveled for 3 years internationally (Europe, Middle East, and Central America) after graduation. Once I returned from my travels, I settled in San Francisco where I began my career in International Marketing. I am now a Brand Manager in the wine Industry with a Spanish company, Freixenet.

Brendan Murray '94 is married with three beautiful children. He resides in Saratoga  Springs and is owner of a financial planning firm, Murray Wealth Management. Brendan can be contacted via email at princor1@yahoo.com. He keeps in regular contact with Howard Brush, Ray Bryan, and Gaby Shami.

Nathaniel Rice ’94 is a high school counselor and lives in Oconomowoc, WI.

Nick Samuels ’94 is a senior fiscal analyst, National Association of State Budget Officers.

Kathleen Uribe '94 received an MA in International Development from American University's School of International Service.

Class of 1993

Geoff Hunt ’93 is currently a high school history teacher at theBeacon School, in Manhattan and also teaches a course throughJohn Jay College on Legal Linguistics.

Christopher Maderia '93 is Assistant Director, Business Development, National Defense Industrial Association, Washington,DC.

Alexander Morse’93 is Chairman of the History Department at theHarvey School.

Andrew Smith '93 has worked for over a decade in public opinion research in Washington, DC. After five years at Luntz Research Companies, he co-founded a firm, Vox Populi Communications which conducts research for political campaigns, trade associations and corporations.

Class of 1992 

Kevin Callahan '92 (Phi Beta Kappa) received his Ph.D. in modern European history at Indiana University in 2001. He has since been teaching at Saint Joseph College where he is now Associate Professor. His new and most topical book was just released: Views from the Margins: Creating Identities in Modern France (University of Nebraska Press).

Jake Jacoby ’92 "I am a lobbyist who serves as the Executive Director for a transportation coalition and I also represent a few other clients in Washington, DC. I lobby directly to Members of Congress and staff after serving on a congressional committee for two years in the late 1990's."

Towhee Veronesi-Shupka ’92 is Director of Patient and Family services for American Cancer Society, nine county region in the Southern Tier. I work with health care systems, providers and personnel to develop and implement hallmark and individualized ACS programs designed to support individuals newly diagnosed with cancer and provide programs designed for the prevention of cancers. Participate in coalition organizations in each community steering health care policy and programs in each area of region with a priority of expanding the ACS presence.

Class of 1991

Andy Bliss '91 spent three years as a special education teacher and nine years as a classroom teacher. He is currently an assistant principal at Bedford Elementary School in Bedford County, Virginia. He earned his Masters Degree in Education from Virginia Tech in 2003. (the school is located right next to the national D-Day Memorial) 

Lauren Girard (Adams) '91, graduated from Northwestern Law School last May and is now a Staff Attorney and Clinical Fellow with the Northwestern University School of Law Legal Clinic.

Christopher Henry '91 prior to my current role at the NFL, and just out of Skidmore, I worked for a member of the US House, and then a trade association (the American Rehabilitation Association).

Katy Wolitzky Lobell ’91 works for the Social Security Administration in Baltimore as an IT Specialist Systems Analyst.

Justin Model ’91 I am currently working at Accenture, but spent the initial part of my career working as a political aide (for a NYC Councilman, as a lobbyist for Mayor Giuliani and as a VP, Business Development at the NYC Economic Development Corp.). I then moved to the marketing/business development field, working for two global law firms and now Accenture.