Health and Wellness at Skidmore


Most people have felt homesick at some point in their lives whether it’s when they’ve gone to camp or visited relatives for an extended period of time. Homesickness is a normal experience for many new college students even though they may not talk about it

Leaving home and beginning a new life is exciting! However, it can also be anxiety-provoking to move, live with new people, and adjust to your academic workload. Students who experience homesickness might notice an increase in sadness, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, or minor physical ailments.

Students who have been away from home before may be surprised to find themselves feeling homesick. Leaving familiar things, people, and places and adapting to a new college environment can be difficult but there are coping strategies that can help:

If you’re feeling homesick and want to talk, you can make an appointment at the Counseling Center by going to their office on the first floor of Jonsson Tower or calling 518-580-5555.