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red watch band

Skidmore's Red Watch Band

Upcoming Training:  Thursday December 11th 1pm - 4:30pmPlease click  HERE  to register.

What is the Red Watch Band?
The mission of the Red Watch Band is to provide students with the knowledge, awareness and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect.

Why the Red Watch?

The Red Watch symbolizes the "band" of students who are trained to "watch" over one another when "every second counts."

Is this a medical amnesty program?

No. RWB as a training program does not prescribe how institutions should approach the issue of medical amnesty with regard to a campus conduct code. Our hope is that because RWB training includes coverage of your institution's policies regarding alcohol and other drug use, it will serve as a starting point for productive dialogue between students and administration about the effectiveness of existing alcohol policies.

Is this a Good Samaritan law program?

No. RWB is a voluntary training program that is designed to focus on the importance of bystander intervention in order to prevent death from alcohol overdose. The goal is to create culture change by helping students understand the importance of recognizing alcohol overdose as a medical emergency and the toxicity that comes with binge drinking. It also provides students with concrete skills and the confidence to intervene which we believe will increase numbers of calls made on behalf of others.

Is this an abstinence program?

No. RWB is a training program focused on knowledge, skill, and confidence building regarding preventing death from alcohol overdose. While we do believe that over time, a program such as this will help to change drinking culture on campuses as students are better able to link the impact that alcohol has on the body, this is not a primary prevention program. Students are taught the knowledge and skills to "make the call," and using role plays, given opportunities to build confidence to intervene on behalf of another.

How long has this program been in existence?

This program started March 15, 2009, and was launched nationally in early May 2009.

For more information please visit the Stony Brook Red Watch Band site.