Honors Forum



Michael Arnush, Sue Bender, Phil Boshoff, Allison Kupfer, Jon Ramsey, Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald


Steve Hoffman, Emily Levy, and Chris McGrath.

The Meeting began at 9:00 am, President's Conference Room

The Council approved the minutes for the previous meeting.

  1. Overseas Policy:

    • Final revised form for study abroad Honors experience was approved. This will be published on the Honors Forum WebPages 
  2. Memo to Community:

    • Michael met with Gerry Erchack, Ann Henderson and Jon Ramsey to discuss the Honors Forum Curriculum:

      • Departmental Courses - three or four credits

      • The curriculum currently contains courses designated 'honors' that are single-section courses, single sections of multiple- section courses, or one-credit add-ons. The memo will outline these and three other opportunities: HF 100-300 one-credit stand-alone courses (topical workshops, discussion groups, lab/studio experiences or seminars); HF271/272 Honors Independent Study - variable credit (independent research or project opportunity for unusually well qualified first-year or sophomore students at 'honors' level); Honors Courses in Overseas Programs - variable credit.   The memo will go out to the Skidmore community after the break.

  3. 11/20 Monthly Meeting and other upcoming events:

    • Meeting this Friday with HF students: students requested a meeting with an academic tone, so the program will include three participants (Linda Motzkin, Pat Trosclair, Rory McVeigh) leading a discussion on racism and ethics.

    • Monday, November 30 - A Roundtable Discussion of Arcadia, Fractals and Points of View (Lary Opitz, Dan Hurwitz, Felice Frankel, Jay Rogoff, cast of "Arcadia") - open to the public

    • Wednesday, December 2 - Anne Turner and "Amahl and the Night Visitors"  - open to the public.

    • Thursday, December 3 - HF students are invited to an informal dinner followed by a presentation by Prof. Joanna Zangrando and Krista Senator '99 on their summer 1998 collaborative research project.

    • Dec. 3 - Opening of the Honors Forum students Art History Exhibit, Amelia Rauser's AH101 Honors section.

    • Wednesday, December 9 - Anne Turner, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" Dress Rehearsal - open to the public.

    • Friday, December 11 - The first-annual Honors Forum gala reception at The Surrey.

  4. Logo:

    • Logos were submitted to Michael; the Council suggested that the logo that was chosen go to College Relations for a more professional version for our WebPages.
  5. Summer Session II  (July 4 - August 8)

    • The Office of Special Programs is inviting applications from Honors Forum students to serve as resident advisors to the HS students resident on the campus in the PASS and AP/Art programs. Michael sent out emails to encourage HF students to apply. Jon reminded the Council that all Skidmore students are eligible to apply.

    • Jim Chansky has invited us to offer an Honors course during SSII; Phil offered to try to persuade either Tom Lewis or Alan Wheelock in the English Department to participate.

  6. Evaluation:

    • Amelia Rauser and Sue Bender will meet with Fran Hoffman to design an evaluation form for HF courses.
  7. Admissions:

    • Michael is scheduled to meet with Mary Lou and Tabitha of Admissions on December 2 for the Honors Forum review of all applicants to the College. Michael, Phil, Anita, Allison and Jon will be available for reading files early Dec.
  8. Proposals for Fall '98:

    • Two courses received approval as Honors courses for the fall semester: PH103, BI190 (the Council recommends that the add-on be 60 rather than 90 minutes/week). Two courses require additional input from the proposers: TH103, LSIV 037=PY1XX.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 am, next meeting is scheduled for December 2, 1998, PCR at 9 am.